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 News: Student Sues Teacher over Anti-Christian comments

Religious Student sues teacher for derogatory comments made towards Christians. The teacher has made various comments about Christianity regarding particular views towards homosexuality, birth control, Viagra, teenage sexual activities, and abortion. After listening to the teacher talk like this, the student said enough is enough. He took a tape recorder into class and recorded the teacher making these comments. The lawyer has said that if the teacher is removed from the classroom that they will not seek monetary damages.

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Posted by admin on Monday, December 17 @ 12:25:07 MST (10468 reads)


 News: Celebrating or Forcing Diversity???


A school in Lye, England required students and teachers to wear the traditional Muslim garments during a belated Eid Celebration.  This was said to be a learning experience and a celebration of diversity and multi-culturalism.  Then, trying to get parents involved they invited “moms only” for a gathering.  This in keeping with Muslim tradition that married women should not mix with other men.

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Posted by admin on Friday, November 02 @ 09:53:20 MDT (4537 reads)


 News: 76 year old woman found after missing for 2 weeks attributes it to prayer


This one shows the power of prayer.  A 76 year old woman was found after being stuck in a canyon for 2 weeks with injuries.  Reports say that rescuers and the family claim it was prayer that helped her to stay alive.


Pray and God will send his angels to protect you.

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Posted by admin on Friday, September 07 @ 08:11:49 MDT (5480 reads)


 News: The Church of Scientology faces Criminal Charges

Global News The church of Scientology is facing charges of being a criminal organization in Europe.  Germany has in the past already shown dislike for the group.  Belgium has too, but now they are taking it a step further, by suggesting that the church be put on trial for fraud and extortion.  This was no hasty decision either.  This was after the results from a 10-year investigation.

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Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 05 @ 08:01:21 MDT (8854 reads)


 News: Hospital Chaplain fired over Prayer

Prayer Here is a story that blows my mind.  In Florida a Hospital Chaplain was fired for saying Jesus at the end of his prayers.  His job description includes sharing scriptures and prayers to comfort patients or family members.  This is a request based position, that is those he talks to must request his presence.  If the request is made by someone that is of a non-Christian faith, a different chaplain is summoned that can fill that need.

Maybe I am mis-understanding something here, but even if he is non-denominational and is not leaning toward any certain Christian religion, is Jesus not still included in that?

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Posted by admin on Friday, August 31 @ 08:27:00 MDT (9110 reads)


 News: Pilgrim Charter Airline Service Launches

Global News

Great idea, flights will be destined for most of the more popular pilgrimage areas around the world.  The article says that they are going to have spiritual messages and videos on board the flight.  Get the religious experience from the time you leave the airport to the time you return and you don't have to hear anyone whine about it...

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Posted by admin on Monday, August 27 @ 11:21:51 MDT (8985 reads)


 News: Guardian Angel Store Participation Points Program

Guardian Angel Store Happenings.
For a limited time (trial period possibly permanently) we are launching our pilot points program. By participating in forums, the news features and various other features of our site users can accumulate points. Points can be redeemed for various prizes, or for store credit.
For more information on our points program please visit our FAQ section FAQ: Participation Points Program.
To kick this off in conjunction with Christmas, we are offering a free "Just Say: Merry Christmas!" Bracelet to the first 10 people to reach 300 points.
Guardian Angel Store - Participation Points Program - Operation: Just Say "Merry Christmas"

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Posted by Admin on Tuesday, November 28 @ 09:49:32 MST (11018 reads)


 News: Thanksgiving


On November 12, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated the Italian Thanksgiving. During this, he addressed the crowds gathering for the Angelus in St. Peter's Square. He encouraged them to acknowledge the gifts of Providence with concrete gestures of blessing, thanksgiving and solidarity. Not just during Thanksgiving, but all the time. He mentioned the prayers said before meals. "This custom must be kept or rediscovered, because it teaches [us] not to take our 'daily bread' for granted but to recognize in it a gift of Providence," he said.

"We should get into the habit of blessing the Creator for each thing: for air and water, precious elements which are the foundation of life on our planet," the Pontiff added, "as well as for food that, through the fecundity of the earth, God gives us for our sustenance."

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Posted by Admin on Tuesday, November 21 @ 15:33:50 MST (15631 reads)


 News: Feast of the Guardian Angel


Today has special meaning for many. The Church recognizes today (October 2) as the Feast of the Guardian Angel. Obviously, this is a special day for us (Guardian Angel Store), but it has other meaning as well. Today we kick off our annual "Angels Among Us Contest" this is our 2nd annual contest in honor of the Angels. I find it special, because I tend to keep my Guardian Angels on their toes as I have been told many times in the past.

That being said we'll go into more important things.

So, what is a "Feast Day" anyway? A Feast Day is when the Church sets aside a day to commemorate a special event in the Church's history. Usually you hear about the feast day of a saint. Most days of the year are marked as different feast days, and some days serve as feasts for multiple events. In some cases, the more important feast days are considered to be "Holy Days of Obligation" which means you should go to church or think about the event during the day. Most feast days though tend to go unnoticed by the public.

What is the Feast Day of the Guardian Angel all about?

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Posted by Admin on Monday, October 02 @ 09:00:06 MDT (12341 reads)


 News: 2nd Annual Angels Among Us Contest

Guardian Angel Store Happenings.
Learning and Growing In Faith Day by Day
2nd Annual Angels Among Us Art Contest
This contest is for anyone desiring to share angel creativity in written or art work form.
Perhaps you’ve experienced an angelic event and want to share it with others.
You can either write your stories or share through pictures or multidimensional art.

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Posted by Admin on Thursday, September 21 @ 07:14:17 MDT (10374 reads)


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