The Way Evil Works, Twisting the Word of God
Date: Friday, January 11 @ 09:29:28 MST
Topic: National News

OPINION: What is heard in this video is the way evil works, twisting the word of God.

The diatribe by Lawrence O'Donnell is so misguided and sad, but what is worse, it reflects the way this country is being led. It reflects a sentiment that should alarm the faithful, for it reveals the thoughts of those who seek control of our nation, our way of life and our religious freedom.

So that they are not deceived by the guile of antagonists, the faithful must study all the Word, not just a few verses here or there. One must pray to the Holy Spirit to be guided in truth. Those who reject the Word read the Bible as a legal document, parse and twist translations and fail to understand all which God has sought to reveal to us through His angels, His prophets, His inspired words and His most Holy Son. Blessed are the people who pray that they are guided by the Holy Spirit to understand the truth of the Word and the blessings of the commandments to love.

It is the way of evil to seduce the children of His creation to argue over translations and the cultural meaning of individual words and phrases rather than praying to the Holy Spirit to be guided in the depth of their meaning and the full context of truth. I shudder and it sends chills down my spine when I hear a public figure arrogantly announce that the leadership of our nation "rejects" the Word of God. They can only reject it if they fail to understand it, for if they seek in prayer the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they will embrace all of its meaning and all of its blessings.

We can only pray that our Lord will send us new leaders; those who do not seek the ways of selfishness and evil, but the better way to which Jesus seeks to lead us, the way of selflessness and love for God and one another. If we understand these truths and live according to these truths, the evil of those who reject the Word will be exposed and the foundation of our country shall be restored to what our founders had intended. If we understand these truths and live according to these truths, we lead the world away from the deceptions which plague us, the conflicts which evil stirs and the misery and strife which become the consequences of rejecting His love and His truth.

Dear Lord, we pray that You send us new leaders who are guided by justice and Your love. We also pray that all may be guided by the blessings of the Holy Spirit so that evil shall have no place, no foothold in the heart of any child of Your creation. Dear Lord, I know the leaders of today and their followers will only scoff at my prayer, just as they reject Your Word; but I pray in faith that You will raise up those who will not lead us in temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

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