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 Young Woman Writes From Perspective of a Child in the Womb

Pro-Life drbonebrake writes "

OPINION: In the discussion concerning the ethics of abortion, one aspect which is often overlooked is the perspective of the life within the womb of the mother. This newly conceived life does not get a voice in the debate or to share their view of the choices others will make as to their future. Jennifer Badding pondered the idea and thought the voice of the child should be heard.


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Posted by admin on Friday, October 10 @ 11:52:54 MDT (6435 reads)


 Students Sue HHS Over Mandate

Pro-Life Prayer-Soldier writes "

OPINION: On 3 Dec 2013, FOCUS VP of Training and Formation, John Zimmer posted an explanation as to why his student organization, Fellowship of Catholic University Students, was suing the United States government over the Health and Human Services Mandate. In an article titled, “'Our Sacred Honor': Why FOCUS Is Suing the U.S. Government,” Zimmer stated, “Under the demands of the HHS contraceptive mandate, our organization would be forced to violate our most sincere religious convictions and to participate in actions that, we believe, are gravely immoral.” Zimmer continued, “If we resist these demands, we face exorbitant fines that would severely cripple, if not destroy, our organization and its missionary activities.”


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Posted by admin on Sunday, December 08 @ 23:33:32 MST (5272 reads)


 Abortion Activist Cautioned by Court Against Referring to God

Pro-Life drbonebrake writes "

COLORADO SPRINGS – On 13 Jul 2012, Joseph Martone (50) received a sentence of $400.00 for trespassing in front of Planned Parenthood. Martone elected to defend himself and proceeded to trial without a lawyer.


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Posted by admin on Monday, July 16 @ 01:25:18 MDT (6370 reads)


 Army Catholic Chaplains Stopped From Reading Letter

Pro-Life Prayer-Soldier writes "
OPINION - On 3 Feb 2012, Business Insider reported that the Army's Office of the Chief of Chaplains prohibited Catholic priests from reading a letter to military parishioners which challenged a Health and Human Services regulation which will require all employers to provide health insurance which covers contraception, sterilization and coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. The Business Insider stated the reason was because, “it seemed to encourage civil disobedience, and could be read as seditious against the Commander-in-Chief.”

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Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 08 @ 22:09:05 MST (4358 reads)


 Government Imposes Contraceptives on Religious Organizations

Pro-Life Prayer-Soldier writes "
OPINION: On 20 Jan 2012, FRCAction reported that the Obama Administration re-iterated that all insurance providers must cover the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive drugs and devices. The FRCAction artilce related that the mandate “includes drugs that work after conception to destroy life rather than prevent it.” The article continued, “The statement included a postponement of one year for religious groups that do not already carry contraceptives and additionally would not be exempted under last year's narrow definition of 'religious employer.'”

(Read More... 7532 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 5 | | )

Posted by admin on Monday, February 06 @ 01:52:00 MST (3895 reads)


 Pelosi Believes GOP Wants Women to Die on the Floor

Pro-Life Prayer-Soldier writes "
OPINION: On 13 Oct 2011, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) stated, “When Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor.” Representative Pelosi made her comments, broadcast by C-SPAN, concerning H.R. 358, Protect Life Act. The Act is designed to ensure no funds may be authorized or appropriated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), to include such forms as tax credits and cost-sharing reductions, which could be used to pay for abortion or abortion coverage. The Act was written with the intent to prevent loopholes opened by PPACA.

(Read More... 4026 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 4.66 | | )

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 15 @ 02:02:44 MDT (4229 reads)


 Pro-life Advocates Make a Difference

Pro-Life drbonebrake writes "

COLORADO SPRINGS – As pro-life supporters prepared for the Fall 2011 40 Days for Life Campaign, news from a side walk announced that another baby has been saved. Many who enter Planned Parenthood abortion clinics do so because they feel they have no other options or because society has conditioned them to ignore alternatives. The presence of someone outside of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, however, can give those considering abortion as a solution for their child a moment to reconsider.


(Read More... 3258 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5 | | )

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 29 @ 00:23:38 MDT (3923 reads)


 40 Days for Life Gears Up in Colorado Springs

Pro-Life drbonebrake writes "

COLORADO SPRINGS - The 40 Days or Life campaign is gearing up world wide. Beginning 28 Sep 11, pro-life supports will come together in prayer vigils around the world in the hopes of bringing an end to abortion. In Colorado Springs, CO, organizers such as Michele Mason are asking supporters to sign up for time to stand in vigil on the side walk outside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.


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Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 27 @ 00:51:04 MDT (3662 reads)


 40 Days for Life Starts in Colorado Springs

Pro-Life drbonebrake writes "

COLORADO SPRINGS – Churches and pro-life organizations in Colorado Springs are preparing to support the fall 2011 40 Days for Life campaign. The campaign will begin 28 Sep 2011 and will continue through 6 Nov 2011.


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Posted by admin on Sunday, September 25 @ 22:03:36 MDT (3179 reads)


 Blessed is the Sidewalk Counselor

Pro-Life drbonebrake writes "

OPINION – The work of a sidewalk counselor outside of Planned Parenthood is challenging. They wait in vigil, hoping they will have the opportunity to speak with a pregnant mother before the woman finds her way into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. By Planned Parenthood's statistics, 98% of pregnant women who enter Planned Parenthood's clinics will allow the life of the child growing within the women's womb to be taken.


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Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 14 @ 21:50:22 MDT (3191 reads)


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