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 Student Sues High School for Religious Freedom

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "OPINION: On 13 Nov 2014, CBN News reported that a Colorado Springs public high school student is fighting for the rights of students to pray and discuss their faith during free time at school. According to “CBN News,” a student at Pine Creek High School reached out to the non-profit organization, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), who filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the student. The action was taken after the high school leadership banned the use of an empty choir room for religious purposes such as praying, singing or discussing religious topics."

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Posted by admin on Thursday, November 13 @ 11:23:35 MST (4907 reads)


 AHA Forces Schools to Stop Christmas Toy Drives

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "

OPINION: On 18 Nov 2013, reported that the American Humanist Association (AHA) forced a South Carolina charter school to cancel its annual Christmas toy drive. The article quoted Principal Renee Mathews as telling, “We received a letter saying we had to cease and desist immediately or they would take legal action against us.” Mathews related that while the school project donated the toys to a Christian charity, the project was voluntary, non-religious, and not tied to any graded assignments. Mathews told the school had no choice but to cancel the event as the school did not have the budget to fight a legal action.


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Posted by admin on Monday, November 25 @ 00:42:59 MST (4897 reads)


 Chaplain Article Censored

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "

OPINION: On 24 Jul 2013, Fox News Radio reported that an Air Force Chaplain was told to remove a religious column from the base web site because it allegedly offended atheists. The article was titled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave all in World War II.” The article made a historical reference to a famous quote credited to Father William Cummings at Battan during WWII.


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Posted by admin on Thursday, August 01 @ 01:37:55 MDT (5584 reads)


 The Way Evil Works, Twisting the Word of God

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "

OPINION: What is heard in this video is the way evil works, twisting the word of God.


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Posted by admin on Friday, January 11 @ 09:29:28 MST (4005 reads)


 Presidential Revision of the Declaration of Independence

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "

As President Obama stumps on behalf of Democrats seeking office, some have come to notice that as the President speaks about the Declaration of Independence, certain key words, such as references to the “Creator,” are missing. On 22 Oct 10, Catholic Online posted an American Thinker article which expressed the belief that the omissions are “deliberate and calculated.”

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Posted by admin on Friday, October 22 @ 23:18:47 MDT (24092 reads)


 The Fight Against Crosses

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "
On 1 Sep 10, Columnist Robert Knight pointed out that as efforts to continue in certain political circles to save a mosque at Ground Zero, efforts continue to remove crosses around the country. Knight pointed out an 18 Aug 10, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruling that the placement of crosses along the highway where Utah state troopers died is a violation of the Establishment Clause.

(Read More... 4848 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 0 | | )

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 02 @ 00:23:32 MDT (10384 reads)


 Wait to Rebuild Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "
On 18 Aug 10, The Providence Journal reported that St Nicholas Church, a small Greek Orthodox Church which was destroyed as a result of the World Trade Center terrorist attack, is still waiting for action by the Port Authority so that they might begin to rebuild. The report related that some Greek Orthodox Christians are confused why the church, which pre-dates the World Trade Center, is in bureaucratic limbo while so much attention is being paid to a a Muslim group seeking to build an 11-story mosque a couple of blocks from ground zero.

(Read More... 4373 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 5 | | )

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 19 @ 00:20:34 MDT (8788 reads)


 Texas Schools May Not Confiscate Religious Gifts

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "
On 2 Jul 10, posted an article which reported that the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that two Plano, TX principals can be liable for not letting students hand out gifts with religious messages.

(Read More... 2826 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 0 | | )

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 07 @ 23:34:48 MDT (3450 reads)


 Nepolitano Seeks to Monitor Internet to Stop Domestic Terrorists

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "Today, we use the Internet as we would any other media in the exercise of our our First and Fourth amendment rights. That could change, however, in the name of rooting out domestic terrorism. On 18 Jun 10, FOX News published an Associated Press article which quoted Janet Nepolitano as saying, “...we need the legal tools to do things like monitor the recruitment of terrorists via the Internet.""

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Posted by admin on Monday, June 21 @ 01:06:49 MDT (5091 reads)


 Catholic Charities Needs Help to Support Oil Spill Victims

National News Prayer-Soldier writes "On 28 May 10, Zenit reported that Catholic Charities has come to the aid of fisherman and others affected by the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that resulted from an oil well blowout on 20 Apr 10. According to the report, “It is estimated that the fishing industry will lose some $2.5 billion due to the disaster.”"

(Read More... 2585 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 0 | | )

Posted by admin on Thursday, June 03 @ 22:19:17 MDT (5876 reads)


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