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 New Sales Tax Rules Prevent Guardian Angel Store From Delivering in Colorado

Consumer News drbonebrake writes "It was with great regret that the Guardian Angel Store announced that effective 1 Dec 2018, will no longer be able to deliver purchases within the state of Colorado.

As a result of the recent Supreme Court decision concerning sales tax, the State of Colorado will require, as of 1 Dec 2018, must collect and remit sales tax based on the address of the purchaser as opposed to current rules which are determined based on the physical location of operations. Additionally, must register with and file monthly sales tax returns associated with each sales tax jurisdiction within the state from which a purchase was made via the web site. This will require that trace and track the tax rates of an estimated 763 jurisdictions within the state of Colorado and link a given Colorado address to the state, county, city, and incorporated tax jurisdictions in which the address resides such that can calculate, aggregate, report, and remit the sales tax associated with purchases delivered to a given address within Colorado.


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Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 09 @ 18:55:48 MDT (843 reads)


 Scams in the Job Search

Consumer News Prayer-Soldier writes "

We might think that the lowest of the low is someone who would scam those who are seeking employment.  Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people that attempt to prey upon those who are in need. They seek to take advantage of the desire for work or the desire to improve a work situation as a means to make the scam possible.  Scams are often designed to take advantage of our need and trusting nature.  

In some cases, the scam can be recognized from the, “if it sounds too good to be true,” rule, but there are other scams that take advantage of their appearance of legitimacy.  One of the most common frauds we see is the “work from home” scam.  We have heard many an advertisement on the radio and seen the ads in newspapers, magazines, TV, or on what are very legitimate web sites, but the reality is, most of these advertisements are simply hooks for schemes to take our money.  Such scams try to take advantage of the legitimacy of the media source to earn our trust.

The Internet has given the capability to mass market the old envelop stuffing or flyer posting scams with the promise of an easy source for an income by working at home.  In other cases, it is a variation of the old pyramid schemes, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM).  We must also be wary of those websites that advertise they are going to help us avoid scams.  They say they have investigated all the potential on-line scams out there and they want to reveal the frauds, but in the process, they did find one or two that are legitimate.  The only catch is that after filling in our information or paying to learn about those legitimate opportunities, we find ourselves walking through the maze of another scam.

Not all scams are designed to trick us out of a check.  In some cases, the scam is designed to trick us out of personal information that can be used for the purposes of identity theft.  While we are in the job hunt, we must provide contact information, but we must be careful about the amount of personal information we reveal.

It is not uncommon that potential employers will require a background check as part of their screening process.  We will be asked for a lot of personal information from which to complete the investigation.  We are very willing to reveal it because of the potential for a job.  Scammers, however, will pose as potential employers only for the purpose of gaining our personal information.  Until we confirm the legitimacy of the person on the other side of the phone or an email communication, we must never reveal our social security number or other sensitive information in the process.  While we may protect our social security number, revealing too much personal history can still enable an identify thief.

We must also be wary of those who are posing as representatives of what we believe to be legitimate businesses.  Some sources through which we may validate the legitimacy of a contact include the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or through publications that may be found at our local library.  The objective is to find a phone number of the legitimate source and then call to see if we are routed to our point of contact.  If not, the point of contact could be a scammer that is using the brand name of a legitimate business to get us to lower our guard.

The FBI web site, contains some descriptions of how to recognize scams.  Another good source for learning about potential scams is the Better Business Bureau at  In the end, to protect ourselves against fraud, knowledge of the signs for which to be wary is our best defense.  Taking the time to research potential scams can arm us with the information through which we can protect ourselves from the criminal and unscrupulous.

Printed with Permission.  Copyright © 9 Jul 09 -

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Posted by drbonebrake on Thursday, July 09 @ 21:29:13 MDT (12496 reads)


 Transition and Our Finances

Consumer News Prayer-Soldier writes "

There are a number of situations that can place us out in the job market. In some cases, it may be planned, such as the decision to start a new career or to look for opportunities with another employer. In other cases, the decision may not be ours, rather, a contract that is ending or a corporate layoff could suddenly leave us out of work.

If we have work and are looking for work, finances are probably not much of a concern, but if we face an employment gap, finances can become a critical issue. Even in planned situations, the potential for an employment gap can become unpredictable. Regardless of the situation, we should have a financial contingency plan that will cover us and those who depend upon us in the event we lose our source of income.

The worst case scenario is what to do in the event we suddenly lose our job. If we have a financial contingency plan, we should be able to quickly shift to a conservative budget and will be able to shift the majority of our attention to the job search. If we don’t have a financial contingency plan, we may squander assets that could later prove to be critical.

Our financial contingency plan should start with an assessment of required versus discretionary expenses. Discretionary spending appears to be the most obvious source of conservation, but a prudent assessment of fixed or required spending may present savings opportunities as well. The objective is to identify a conservative budget and project how long our liquid or near liquid assets will last while in-between jobs. The objective is to have a plan that will cover us for at least six months. We may want to consider a longer period the more senior or specialized our job position is. It may be more difficult to find similar employment in such situations.

Even if we have what we consider to be a secure job, we should periodically revisit our financial contingency plan. This is especially true if we take on a significant expense responsibility such as a loan for a new car, college tuition, a new mortgage, or an equity line. We must account for new financial responsibilities when we consider the impact to our contingency budget.

We should also take into account periodic expenses that may be on a quarterly or annual budget. Do we know where we are in relation to such potential expenses? Are we also aware of home and auto maintenance? We should factor in such issues as an aging car or home appliances. What is the potential we will face a major home or auto repair expense? Do we have credit that can cover us and what is the cost of that credit should we be forced to rely upon it?

All of these variables can impact the duration over which our finances can cover an income loss, but if we have evaluated our financial contingency plan, we will be in a better position to make informed decisions. The issue is not just providing during a loss of income, but protecting ourself such that we do not risk our credit rating, or worse, critical assets while we are seeking a new income source.

Beyond asset protection, a financial contingency plan can also make a difference in decisions associated with our job search. The more secure our financial situation; the more options we
have in selecting the job we want. We want to be in the position of selecting a new opportunity that is consistent with our goals. If we do not have a financial contingency plan, then, we may place ourself in a position where we feel we must take the first thing that comes along; and chances are we will end up compromising something along the way.

Printed with Permission. Copyright © 7 Jun 05 - all rights reserved.


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Posted by drbonebrake on Thursday, July 02 @ 21:56:29 MDT (14406 reads)


 People Contact in the Job Search

Consumer News Prayer-Soldier writes "

The bottom line is that people hire people.  Classified ads, company web sites, and job boards do not hire people; people hire people.  The key objective, then, of any job search is to seek contact with people.  This is not to say that in our job search we should not spend any time with the classifieds, company sites or job boards; but we must choose how we focus our time and how much of our time we devote to these activities.

The above resources, along with business journals and trade publications are sources of job leads, but the leads we must seek are people to contact.  We must be mindful of corporate processes through which to get our resumes into their recruiting system, but we should not limit ourselves there.

Especially in tight job markets, human resource departments seek to insulate their hiring managers from literally hundreds of applicants for a single opening.  The result, though, is our resume gets lost in an electronic database and may never be read.  We must follow the rules, but we must also find means to get out of the database and get face-to-face with people.

While we must spend time with a variety of sources, the most effective source of job leads is people.  When we submit resumes through a web site or ad, a job may or may not be behind it.  The information may be stale or some sources may simply be trolling for resumes for contract purposes.  When a person gives us a job lead, there is a much greater chance there is something worth while to pursue.  If that person is an insider to the organization with the opportunity, then, they might be able to provide a good word or get our resume a look outside of the database.

Our opportunities to connect with people come from a variety of sources.  Job fairs may seem like a good source because the event is full of people.  We must keep in mind that such events are also full of people just like us and full of people seeking to isolate their hiring managers from people like us.  The job fair is little better than web sites unless we seek to find a means to follow up outside of simply handing over our resume.

We should seek to capture some contact information through which we can conduct a follow-up call or visit.  As a minimum, we should seek to get a business card; however, larger companies are likely to bring in human resource recruiters that are not local.  Their business card is still better than nothing, but what we want to learn are names on the inside.  Getting past the receptionist is easier when we have a specific name for which to ask when we attempt to do a follow-up call or visit to a potential employer. 

The most effective sources of people contact are professional associations, network groups, volunteer activities and community organizations.  When people know us and our capabilities, they are often willing to help us.  The best time to engage such activities is while we are employed, however, joining organizations and letting new contacts know that we are in the job hunt can still produce results.  Naturally, the better people know us, the more likely they are to try and help us, if they have the opportunity.  Our investment in our people network is best maintained over time.   We should keep in mind that the favor we provide today could get paid back when we seek our own opportunities.

Printed with Permission.  Copyright © 5 Apr 09 -"

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Posted by drbonebrake on Monday, June 29 @ 00:17:44 MDT (10104 reads)


 Huffington Post Misrepresents Pope's Position on Unions

Consumer News Prayer-Soldier writes "

In the article, “Chamber of Commerce, Unionbuster vs. Pope, Catholic Bishops on Union Rights,” posted by the Huffington Post on 22 Jun 09, the position of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops is misrepresented.  The article concludes, “So, who should the public trust on the Employee Free Choice Act and workers' rights: The Chamber of Commerce and Jackson Lewis or the Pope?”  The implication is that the teachings of the Catholic Church as to worker's rights is an endorsement of the Employee Free Choice Act.  No such endorsement exists, only the recognition of worker's rights and the responsibility of government, business and unions to provide for those rights.

The article cites guidance issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) entitled, "Respecting the Just Rights of Workers: Guidance and Options for Catholic Health Care and Unions," as siding with the union movement on worker's rights.  The Huffington Post article stated, “While the Chamber of Commerce continues its smear campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act, the union movement enlisted a powerful ally yesterday in its drive for workers' rights: the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, following the guidance of, yes, the Pope.”

Contrary to the article's statement that the union movement enlisted the USCCB, the USCCB explanation is somewhat different.  According to a USSCB news release posted 23 Jun 09, “The three-way dialogue was initiated by the USCCB in an effort to find common ground on alternative approaches for carrying out Catholic social teachings on the rights of workers to freely choose whether or not to be represented by unions.”  The chair of the effort, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, stated, “Though they had different perspectives and points of view in many areas, the participants shared the conviction that it is up to workers—not bishops, hospital managers, or union leaders—to decide how they will be represented in the workplace.”

A fair reading of the USCCB guidance recognizes the rights of workers to chose whether or not to be represented by the union, but it also states, “...we acknowledge a fair and just workplace may
exist with or without a union.”  It goes on to say, “Whether workers decide to be represented by a union or not to be represented, Catholic teaching respects their decision.”

While the Huffington Post article implies the Pope supports the Employee Freedom of Choice Act, it is clear in the USCCB guidance that some provisions of the EFCA might be challenged.  The guidance states, “We also had clear differences on the utility and value of other means of verifying what a majority of workers wanted (e.g., "card check" and similar mechanisms). Participants respected these differing perspectives and did not abandon strong convictions and positions in these areas.”

One of the major provisions of the EFCA is that, “If the Board finds that a majority of the employees in a unit appropriate for bargaining has signed valid authorizations designating the individual or labor organization specified in the petition as their bargaining representative....the Board shall not direct an election but shall certify the individual or labor organization as the representative described in subsection (a).”  This is the provision known as “card check.”  It essentially removes the right of workers for a secret ballot as to their desires.

In a 26 Mar 09 Fox News report, an example was provided as to how card check was abused by union organizers to intimidate workers.  One worker related as to how she was worn down by the constant harassment of a union organizer.  She stated, “When they approach you every day, every day, every day, after awhile it is like, ok, fine, I'll sign the card.”

The report related that the “union gained enough signatures through card check, but that a number of employees appealed to the National Labor Relations Board which ruled that the employees were entitled to a secret ballot.”   The report pointed out that the employees had to stand up for their right to a secret ballot.  Once the secret ballot was held, the majority of employees voted against union organization.

According to a Catholic News Service report posted 2 Feb 09, the Pope told directors of the Confederation of  Italian Labor Unions on 31 Jan 09 that, "The great challenge and the great opportunity posed by today's worrisome economic crisis is to find a new synthesis between the common good and the market, between capital and labor. And in this regard, union organizations can make a significant contribution." The Pope also stated, “In order to overcome the economic and social crisis we're experiencing, we know that a free and responsible effort on the part of everyone is required."

A fair representation of the Pope's statement is not an endorsement of EFCA as the Huffington Post article implies, rather the importance of the responsibility of both management and unions to provide an environment which is fair to workers, free of intimidation from either side.  The USCCB guidance states, “...workers have the right to decide through a fair process – free of coercion and based on accurate and truthful information – whether and by whom to be represented in the workplace.”

According to the 1996 Catholic Framework for Economic Life, “ markets have both clear advantages and limits; government has essential responsibilities and limitations; voluntary groups have irreplaceable roles, but cannot substitute for the proper working of the market and the just policies of the state.”  Legislation, therefore, must be designed to create a fair work environment, balancing the interests of all the principals towards maintenance of a fair and just economic environment.  When that balance is exceeded, no one is served. 

The framework goes on to state, “Workers, owners, managers, stockholders and consumers are moral agents in economic life. By our choices, initiative, creativity and investment, we enhance or diminish economic opportunity, community life and social justice.”  Catholic social teaching reflects the new covenant taught by Jesus to love one another as He loved us (John 13:24).  Catholic social teaching promotes an ethical work environment.  Through the engaged partnership of all involved, a just economy is generated.  Abuses by any party creates unhealthy conflicts and divisions which can only result in strife. 

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”  Mark 3:24-25


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Posted by drbonebrake on Saturday, June 27 @ 00:00:00 MDT (9356 reads)


 Church Contacts in the Job Search

Consumer News Prayer-Soldier writes "

Whether the economy is good or bad, layoffs are always possible.  Any number of variables can result in employers being forced to reduce their work force as a means to cope with changes in the business environment and to balance expenses.  The end result is that even if we feel we are in a secure job, we could find ourselves unexpectedly forced into the job hunt.

It is an emotional event when a job is lost.  For a variety of reasons, we can feel self conscious about being laid off and we may not want to share our situation with others.  We may feel comfortable checking head hunter web sites, but the reality is that face-to-face networking is one of the most effective means of gaining interview opportunities.  Our first thought is to think of our professional network, but we shouldn't overlook all the contacts we may have through our personal network of family, friends and community contacts.

Rather than hiding our job situation, we should let our personal community know when we are in the job search.  We don't have to give the details of our layoff, but we should not be afraid to communicate with others that we are looking for opportunities.  As we engage in conversation, we should have a short explanation that we are in a job search and the type of opportunities for which we are looking.  We should be prepared to also exchange contact information should the conversation result in a job lead.

We should also not overlook our church community.  As we interact within church events, education groups or volunteer activities, we may find contacts who are not only aware of possible job opportunities, but may be willing to pass along a resume and advocate for us with a potential hiring manager to provide us with a chance for an interview.

Sharing our job talents within our church community also provides the opportunity to showcase our work ethic and job skills.  We can demonstrate our people skills and that we can work as part of a team.  The courtesies we present can generate good will such that others will seek to help us.

People of all walks of life come together to worship.  If others enjoy working with us in a volunteer setting, they might seek to gain that same positive experience within a job setting.  Of course, the key is to look at our participation in church or other volunteer activities as opportunities for building good will and to establish a positive reputation.  If we are viewed in such venues as congenial, reliable and knowledgeable; those with opportunities may seek us out because we are considered a positive known quantity.

As we join in our church community, we are called to help one another.  Sometimes we are in a position to help others, but sometimes we are the one in need.  It is the fulfillment of God's plan that we should help one another.  “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”  John 13:34


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Posted by drbonebrake on Tuesday, June 23 @ 22:29:22 MDT (12946 reads)


 Job Search Research Beyond the Ads

Consumer News Prayer-Soldier writes "

The conventional wisdom is that the best job opportunities are found outside the classified ads.  Submission of resumes through career and corporate web sites has a very low chance of leading to an interview.  The challenge is to find means of gaining human contact when companies are increasingly hiding themselves behind the corporate career site curtain.

In tight job markets, companies have fewer opportunities and a large market going after what is available.  To wade through the mountains of resumes, companies rely upon technology and keywords to sort through hundreds of submissions to zero in on the most qualified candidates.  It appears to make work easy for the hiring manager, but the reality is that such systems only measure the effectiveness of the candidates to get the right keywords into their resume.  Still, that is the environment with which we are faced.  As one wise philosopher once stated, “It is what it is.”

Another conventional wisdom is that small businesses can provide more opportunity to ride the elevator as the company grows.  For established companies, promotion to higher levels is partially a waiting game for someone to leave.  Unless a company is growing, organizations are stable or contracting.  Subsequently, promotion opportunities to management or higher level technical opportunities are fewer, especially in a tight market.

As economies shift, successful small businesses are positioned to ride the wave to expansion.  A small company with a successful track to customers and expanding business will have a growing organization and the need for qualified managers to lead.    And there we are, already with experience with the company business model and years of leadership and management experience behind us. 

So, where do we find these opportunities and gain human contact to increase our chances of actually getting to talk to a hiring manager?  The answer comes back to the one two punch of research and networking.  The research strategy may start with the Internet, but we must not limit ourselves there.

Search engines provide a powerful means of accessing mountains of information with a few good key words.  We can start with the name of the city in which we would like to research opportunities and follow with the word “business.”  Of course, that is a wide net.  We can narrow the search by using the career field of our interest, but with and without the word “business.”  We can also adjust the search to the type of business to which we seek. 

Two resources that should be visited is the local Chamber of Commerce and the library.  Ever think of the librarian as a job counselor?   The key assistance they can provide us is to help with tips about how to use the various resources to conduct research.  The library also provides access to publications that may not be available on line.  We can tell them for what we are looking and they can help guide us to the means to sift through the wide ranges of information available to us.

Another resource is the local work force center or labor office.  These offices will provide similar access to research resources, but they are focused upon helping the job seeker.  They can also provide tips on how to conduct research beyond the ads.

It is simply common sense that small business is the womb from which big business is born.  The risks are naturally higher, but the ride can be quite rewarding.  Small businesses and other opportunities will require some searching to find.  Reading the business section of the local paper might yield a business name or contact to research.  The same may come through a networking associate.  The key to research is identifying leads, learning about them, and then seeking ways to gain human contact. 

Printed with Permission.  Copyright © 6 Jun 09 -"

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Posted by drbonebrake on Monday, June 08 @ 23:09:10 MDT (11133 reads)


 New Christian Book

Consumer News Anonymous writes "

OLATHE, KS, June 6, 2009 -- Author Brent Clay makes new book, "Faith Without Nonsense: For Those Who Believe, and Those Who Wish They Could", available for Kindle owners. The Kindle Edition of, "Faith Without Nonsense," lists for $9.99 and quickly downloads in under a minute. Both the Kindle Edition and the Paperback version are now available at and is highly recommended by readers.

"Faith Without Nonsense is a grand slam home run. Not just another book, it's a challenging, fresh perspective regarding "The Faith"... pure, unadulterated sweetness" - Carlo Griseta, Discipleship Pastor at Church of the Harvest

"Exactly the kind of material I am looking for and believe the church is in need of." -Chris Carley, Founder, GATE Ministry Fellowship

"If you feel what you hear from the pulpit rarely goes deep enough to satisfy your search for the Knowledge of God, you will find Faith Without Nonsense to be invaluable." - Sean M. Clouse, Amazon Review (Five Star Rating)

"I could hardly wait to get into Faith Without Nonsense - For Those Who Believe, and Those Who Wish They Could...I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to deepen their Knowledge of God." - Donetta Garman of Allbooks Review

Brent Clay has served in many areas of ministry, as teacher, mentor and special guest speaker, and recognizes the increasing need to present a clear, no-nonsense message of faith. In his book "Faith Without Nonsense," Brent strives to equip believers with the knowledge and tools needed to find and grasp the deeper truths of God. More information about Brent and "Faith Without Nonsense" can be found at

Faith Without Nonsense
ISBN: 1-4392-2389-0
ISBN-13: 978-1439223895

Virginia Clay

About Brent Clay

Brent Clay is the author of, "Faith Without Nonsense: For Those Who Believe, and Those Who Wish They Could." ISBN: 1-4392-2389-0, ISBN-13: 978-1439223895

"Faith Without Nonsense" is now available at,, and through other booksellers.


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Posted by drbonebrake on Monday, June 08 @ 22:43:51 MDT (15589 reads)


 Why I don't trust Rebates. Sometimes they're too good to be true.

Consumer News

A reporter in San Jose went dumpster diving behind the processor of rebates for a large well known retailer.  In the process he found they had trashed 1,300 rebate requests.  According to the article, the rebate was only for $3.50, but how many people got the more expensive model just for the rebate?  BTW, $3.50 X 1300 is $4550 that the company did not have to send out in rebates.  While still not much when you look at the big picture, how often does this occur, and how many were more than $3.50?

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Posted by admin on Friday, September 07 @ 07:36:39 MDT (9179 reads)


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