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 Voice of Rebellion or Religious Freedom

Religious drbonebrake writes "

OPINION – On 4 Jul 2012, the Petheos blog published the transcript of a homily delivered by Archbishop Chaput at a mass conducted on 4 Jul 2012 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC. The homily was presented as a concluding statement to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) sponsored “Fortnight for Freedom” which was designed to raise awareness of government encroachment upon the religious freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.


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Posted by admin on Thursday, July 12 @ 02:00:47 MDT (4466 reads)


 Atheists Score Highest in Religious Knowledge

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "

On 28 Sep 10, National Public Radio (NPR) reported that the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released the results of a survey where Atheists and Agnostics scored the highest on religious knowledge. The report also indicated that Christian denominations, both Catholic and Protestant scored the least.

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Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 28 @ 23:49:39 MDT (12933 reads)


 War Over Christmas DVD

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "

On 22 Sep 10, the O'reilly Factor reported that a new movie was about to be released straight to DVD titled, “Christmas with a Capital C.” A search for the movie, however, yields a slew of liberal and atheist blogs expressing disdain for the movie story line.

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Posted by admin on Thursday, September 23 @ 00:44:01 MDT (13581 reads)


 Young Latino's Less Likely to Identify as Catholic

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "

On 11 Aug 10, the Catholic News Agency reported that a joint Univision and AP poll revealed that while a majority of Latinos identify themselves as Catholic, younger Latinos are less likely to than their elder generations. The report also related that younger Latinos are also less “likely to oppose legalized abortion or gay 'marriage.'”

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Posted by admin on Thursday, August 12 @ 02:08:06 MDT (10157 reads)


 Atheist Turns to Christianity

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "

On 2 Aug 10, the Christian Post reported, “Holly Ordway was a highly educated atheist who thought Christianity was 'a historical curiosity' or 'a blemish on modern civilization,' or both.” The report further related that Ordway began to change her view at the age of 31 and wrote of her journey in her recent book, Not God’s Type: A Rational Academic Finds a Radical Faith.

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Posted by admin on Monday, August 02 @ 23:51:34 MDT (10539 reads)


 Reflections of Father's Day for Christians

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "Holidays are designed to bring focus upon a certain event or memory. On Father's Day, it might be expected that we take a little time to think about what it means to be a father. Not all fathers have lived up to their calling, but we are also blessed with those who have taken seriously their responsibilities to provide for and build their families in partnership with their spouse. It is not an easy task, as many men will attest. Success in the endeavor, however, are often found in the virtues of patience and love."

(Read More... 6346 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 0 | | )

Posted by admin on Saturday, June 19 @ 22:49:34 MDT (3372 reads)


 Guardian Angel Alerts Family of Flood

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "In an interview broadcast on FOX News 11 Jun 10, Denise Gaines, a survivor of flash flooding in Arkansas, related that she was awoken by the sound of fluttering wings. She said that she believed she was awakened by an angel of God. As Gaines awoke, she saw water rushing into the cabin and she took action to alert her family. The family exited the cabin and found themselves back to back, holding onto a tree until the waters began to recede."

(Read More... 4244 bytes more | 6 comments | Score: 4.2 | | )

Posted by admin on Monday, June 14 @ 23:09:25 MDT (9471 reads)


 Millennials Reflect Decline in Faith

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "

On 27 Apr 10, USA Today reported that faith is declining among young adults. The report related that 72% of respondents to a survey of 1,200 Millenials say they're "really more spiritual than religious." The report also related that 65% rarely or never pray with others, 38% almost never pray by themselves, 65% rarely or never attend worship services, and 67% don't read the Bible or sacred texts.


(Read More... 3355 bytes more | 4 comments | Score: 1 | | )

Posted by admin on Tuesday, May 04 @ 22:56:28 MDT (13283 reads)


 Many Prepare for Divine Mercy

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "According to a 10 Apr 10, AP report posted by, “Thousands of Roman Catholic pilgrims are expected at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy on Eden Hill in the Berkshires this weekend.” According to the article, approximately 18,000 pilgrims are expected at the Stockbridge shrine."

(Read More... 5923 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 2.6 | | )

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 10 @ 13:31:48 MDT (27947 reads)


 Cheerleader Signs Banned

Religious Prayer-Soldier writes "
On 29 Sep 09, the reported that the Catoosa County School Superintendent, Denia Reese, decided to prohibit the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe (LFO) High School cheerleaders from displaying banners that contain Biblical scripture.  The banners created by the cheerleaders are the type which are displayed for the football players to burst through as they run out onto the field.  The cheerleaders wrote inspirational Bible versus on the banner as a motivational gesture to the players."

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Posted by admin on Sunday, October 04 @ 22:46:12 MDT (13223 reads)


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