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Reflections - How do we recognize the Holy Spirit?

nam-eno - Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:09 am
Post subject: How do we recognize the Holy Spirit?

How do we recognize the Holy Spirit? Is it a feeling within us? Is it something we recognize surrounding us? Is it something that touches us?

We may have many questions about the Holy Spirit, but by seeking it, we will come to know it. As we experience it, it may be revealed to us in many ways. It could be a feeling of peace and contentment. It could be be a feeling of joyous love. It could be a feeling of oneness in the community of the Lord, it could be a sense of motivation to help others, and it could be a sense of fulfillment when doing works of the Lord.

As we come to feel the Holy Spirit, as we come to know it, how could we possibly compare it to the momentary distractions of the temptations of Satan? In Satan's snares there may be found only emptiness. There are limits to the sensations of this world, they are fleeting, they often lead to depression and despair. It is no wonder, in that the temptations of Satan line the path that leads to losing one's soul.

The Holy Spirit embodies that which is of the Lord. When we seek it, we seek the way of the Lord. When we seek it, we nourish our souls.

It is our choice as to what we seek. In blindness, we may seek the emptiness of Satan's snares. In such darkness, we may think we have contented ourselves, but we find it is only waste, we have done nothing productive, we have served no one in love, we have done nothing to nourish our soul; we have only stepped down the path of emptiness and despair. For whatever moments of pleasure we received, it will only be replaced by eternal regret and eternal pain.

But if we seek the Holy Spirit, we seek communion with the kingdom of God, we become productive in the works of the Lord, we find fulfillment and a sense of purpose in the community of the Lord.

Once we feel the Holy Spirit, how could we let it go? But that is our weakness. In our weakness to sin, as we succumb to the snares of Satan, we drive away the Holy Spirit. Our path, the destiny of our soul, depends on what we seek. Our Lord awaits us, He died for our sins in forgiveness of our weakness, our sins. The Holy Spirit is the light to guide us away from the path of darkness.

Dear Lord, descend the Holy Spirit upon me. Guide me to Your kingdom with its light. Let it strengthen me to perform Your works. Let it nourish and fill my soul with Your peace and Love.


Nam Eno
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