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Prayers We May Hear the Lone Voice in the Wilderness

A Single Voice Calls to the World

Prayers for the Strength by which to Prepare Our Soul

Our Preparation for the Coming Day

Prayers In Thanks for Christ the King of Kings

Blessed Are We for the King of Kings

Prayers We May Survive the Time of Great Distress

The Battle for Our Souls

Prayers He Will Guide Our Gifts and Talents

Responsible Stewardship

Prayers All May Heed the Call to Love

The Love to Which We Are Called

Prayers God Will Heal Our Spirit

Prayers God Will Heal Our Spirit

Eyes for the World or Eyes for the Spirit

Prayers for the Strength of Selfless Love

The Strength of Selfless Love

Prayers We May Be Guided by the Wisdom of God

What Separates Us from the Wisdom of God?

Prayers For Those in the Vocation of Marriage

The Vocation Where Man and Woman Become One

Prayers the Holy Spirit Will Guide Us

May All Receive the Holy Spirit

Prayers We Are Protected From The Wolves

The Wolves Which Lie In Wait for the Just

Prayers God Will Guide Us With Love

The One Who Leads Us With Love

Prayers for the Healing Love of God

His Healing Love

Prayers We May Turn His Word Into Action

Sharing Blessings Through Loving Action

Prayers We May Be Nourished By His Love

Is It Too Hard to Love?

Prayers We May Receive the Food of Eternal Life

The Wisdom and Food From Heaven

Prayers God Will Guide Us Through Adversity

The One Who Sustains Us

Prayers In Thanks For the Bread of Our Salvation

The Food Sent From Heaven

Prayers We Are Guided to Help the Works of God

The Miracles in Which He Calls Us to Help

Prayers for Our Spiritual Shepherds

Blessed are the Shepherds Who Spread The Gospel

Prayers Our Ears Are Opened to the Word of God

Those Who Close Their Ears and Those Who Listen

Prayers We May Be Brought Closer to God

Does God Hide Himself From Us Or Do We Ignore Him?

Prayers for Our Spiritual Healing

The Ultimate Healing

Prayers He Will Help Us See His Purpose for Us

The Blessings of A Life Is Put In Motion

Prayers We May Help Accomplish His Plan

From the Smallest of Seeds

Prayers We Are Guided in His Truth

The Battle of Deception and Truth

Prayers In Thanks for the Food of Eternal Life

The Nourishment for Eternal Life

Prayers In Thanks for the Water of Life

The Water of Life for the Nations

Prayers the Holy Spirit Will Fill Our Hearts

The Peace and Power of the Holy Spirit

Prayers We Are Filled With the Spirit of Charity and Love

Giving Thanks Through Charity and Love

Prayers We May Live the More Excellent Way of Love

Sharing in the Spirit of His Love

Prayers We May Receive the Nourishment of the Vine

What is the Nature of the Fruit We Produce?

Prayers We May Hear the Voice of the Shepherd

The Shepherd of Wisdom and Truth

Prayers He Will Guide Our Learning

From Whom Do We Learn?

Prayers We, Too, May Have the Holy Spirit Breathed on Us

The Conqueror of Death

Prayers In Thanks for the Temple Destroyed and Raised

The Temple Destroyed and Raised

Prayers We Might See What Is In Our Hearts

Who Might We Be?

Prayers We May Comprehend What God Writes On Our Hearts

For What Are We Destined?

Prayers We May See What Was Raised Up For Us

To What Do We Look and What Do We Choose?

Prayers We Are Guided In How We Tend to the Temple Entrusted

The Temple Entrusted To Us

Prayers We May Be Changed By His Glory

What Changes Us?

Prayers We May Receive His Spiritual Healing

Our Spiritual Healing

Prayers We May Receive His Healing Word

The Healing Possible Through His Word

Prayers We May Hear His Truth

To Whom Do We Listen?

Prayers God Will Guide Us In Our Pursuits

Blessed Are Those Who Follow Him

Prayers We May Hear The Voice Which Calls to Us

Let Us Listen

Prayers In Thanks For The Light of the World

A Light Unto Our Lives

Prayers We Will Hear the Call to Our Purpose

The Voice Which Calls Us To Him

Prayers We May Hear and Heed His Voice

A Voice Cries Out

Prayers We May Remain Alert and Prepared For His Coming

Our Call to Prepare

Prayers He Will Guide Us In Our Purpose

The Judge of What We Do and Fail to Do

Prayers We May Become His Profitable Servants

Where Do We Invest Our Faith?

Prayers We May Receive the Blessings of His Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom

Prayers We May Grow In Humility and Service

The Blessings of Humility and Service

Prayers for the Wisdom and Strength of Love

His Commandments of Love

Prayers We May Give What Yields Eternal Dividends

For What Do We Pay?

Prayers In Thanks for the Invitation to His Feast

The Invitation to His Feast

Prayers He Will Guide Our Stewardship

Just Stewardship

Prayers We Are Guided By His Will

Our Response to His Will

Prayers He Will Guide Us In His Ways

The early, the Late, and the Missing

Prayers For The Power of Forgiveness

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Please pray for my pain relief

Prayers We May Learn the Righteousness of Love

The Righteousness of Love

Prayers All May Turn to God

Our Ways or the Ways of God

Prayers In Thanks For His Holy Church

The Gates of Hades Shall Not Prevail

Prayers God Will Grant Us Mercy

Personal safety

Blessed Are Those Who Seek Him In Faith

Prayers We May Strengthen In Faith

Prayers for my eye surgery.

The Whispers of His Love

Prayers He Will Lead Us Away From Sin

The One Who Leads the Exodus from Sin

Prayers We May Receive the Blessings of His Treasure

Dental issue - Please pray for my health!!!

The Treasure Beyond All Treasure

Prayers to Cultivate the Good Seeds Within Our Hearts

The Seeds Within our Hearts

Considering facelift surgery - please pray for me!

Prayers We May Share the Good Fruits of His Word

The Fruits From the Fields of the Heart

Prayers He Will Lift Our Burdens

The One Who Lightens Our Burdens

Prayers In Thanks for the Blessings of His Love

The Love We Give

Prayers We May Hear the Whispers of the Lord

Prayers to quit smoking

Blessed Are Those Who Hear the Whispers of the Lord

Prayers In Thanks for the Eternal Food of Salvation

The One Who Feeds the Soul

Struggling hard with my alcohol addiction

Prayers We May Learn the Blessings of His Holy Word

The Word of Salvation

Thank you lord...

Prayers the Holy Spirit Will Unite Us In Peace

The Peace of the Holy Spirit

Prayers In Thanks for the One Who Conquered Death

The One Who Rose to Conquer Death

Prayers In Thanks for the One Who Gives Us Hope

The One Who Gives Us Reason for Hope

Prayers In Thanks for the One Who Leads Us to the Father

The One Who Leads Us to the Father

Prayers We May Hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd of All

Prayers Our Heart May Be Opened to His Truth

The One Who Guides Us to Truth

Prayers In Thanks for the One Sent to Lead Us

The One Who Provides for our Greatest Need

Prayers In Thanks for the Blessings of the Resurrection

The Resurrection and New Life

Prayers In Thanks for the Coming of Our King

Let Us Rejoice

Prayers We May Receive His Healing

The Power by Which He Weeps

Prayers His Work May Shine Through Us

His Works Manifest Through Us

Prayers We May Receive the Water of Eternal Life

The Water of Eternal Life

Prayers He Will Help Us Transform Our Lives

How We May Be Transformed

Prayers We May Be Protected From Temptation

Salvation in the Face of Temptation

Prayers We May Be Nourished by His Word

Which Master Do We Serve?

Prayers We May Be Guided to Share His Ways

Sharing the Ways of God

Prayers We Are Guided by His Commandments

Blessed Are Those Who Keep His Commandments

Prayers We May Let Our Light Shine

Let Our Light Shine

Prayers for the Blessings of Humility

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Prayers We Are Guided by His Light

The Light Sent for Our Salvation

Prayers We May Hear the Call of the Lord

Those He Calls and Sends

Happy Marriage

Prayers We May See His Light

Where is the One Born King of the Jews?

Prayers In Thanks for the Mother of Jesus

The Blessings of the Obedience of Mary

Prayers of Thanks and Praise for Our Redeemer

Let Us Sing in Celebration

Prayers He Will Guide Our Hearts

Will We Open Our Hearts to His Word?

Prayers for the Strength of Hope

Hope for Those Who Suffer

Prayers We Are Guided to His Path

Prepare the Path of the Lord

Prayers We Are Prepared for the Coming of the Lord

We Do Not Know the Hour

Prayers In Thanks for the King of Kings

The Blessings of the King of Kings

Prayers We Are Guided to His Light

The Day Shall Come

Prayers In Thanks and Praise for the God of the Living

The God of the Living

Prayers In Thanks for His Salvation

Salvation for the Lost

Prayers of Humility

Blessed Are the Humble and Contrite of Heart

Prayers He Will Help Us Prevail

Persistence in Prayer

Prayers for the Skeptical in Faith

Blessings for those Unsure in Faith

Prayers We Are Guided In Faith

Let Us Sow the Field of Faith

Prayers We May See How To Share Our Blessings

Compete well for the Faith

Prayers We May Do What Is Right and Just

He Remembers Justice and Injustice

Prayers We Will Not Be Lost To Our Temptations

Blessed Are Those Who Are Welcomed Back

Prayers We May Receive the Wisdom By Which to Carry Our Cros

Wisdom and Those Who Follow Him

Prayers We May Find the Blessings of Humility

The Blessings of Humility

Prayers We May Find His Narrow Gate

The One Who Invites the Nations to His Narrow Gate

Prayers He Will Help Us Follow In His Ways

The Direction of Our Path

Prayers for the Eternal Wealth of the Heart

The Treasure Within the Heart

Prayers We Are Not Distracted From the Ways of God

The Wealth of the Heart

Prayers He Will Guide Us

The Importance of What We Do and Fail to Do

Prayers We May Understand Our Opportunities and Choices

A Time for Service and a Time to Receive the Lord

Prayers We May Learn His Word So We May Teach Our Children

What Will We Teach Our Children?

Prayers to Discern How We May Join in His Work

The Strength He Gives His Disciples

Prayers We Are Guided by His Voice

Blessed Are Those Who Hear His Call

Prayers All May Understand the Sacrifice Made for Them

The One Who Sacrificed for All

Prayers For Spiritual Healing

The Sorrow of the Heart Which Sins

Prayers In Thanks for the Healing Hand of the Lord

He Hears Our Prayers

Prayers in Thanks for the Bread of Life

Blessed Are Those Who Receive the Bread of Life

Prayers In Thanks for the Blessings of the Father, Son and H

The Blessings of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Prayers We May Be Guided By The Holy Spirit

If We Invite The Holy Spirit Within Us

Prayers In Thanks for Those He Sends

He Is Within Those He Sends

Prayers We Are Guided to His Truth

The Holy Spirit and the Lamp of the Lamb

Prayers We May Follow the Example of His Love

What is Revealed by What We Say and What We Do

Prayers We May Hear His Voice

The Voice Calling Us

We are building a monument to Answered Pray

Prayers We May Heed God Rather Than Those Blinded by...

Will We Speak, Will We Feed His Sheep?

Prayers We May See Beyond Our Doubts

The Light Which Helps Us See Beyond Our Doubts

Prayers in Thanks for the Light of the Resurrection:

The Good News of the Resurrection

Prayers That Our Hearts May See

Blessed Are The Hearts Which See

Prayers We Are Guided In Compassion

The One Who Looks After His People

Prayers We May See the Ways He Works In Our Lives

The Wealth We Squander and the Forgiveness We May Receive

Prayers We Will See His Light

The Heart Which Burns for Us

Prayers for Wisdom and Understanding

The God of All Generations

Our Gifts From Within:

Prayers for Strength to Resist All Evil

The One Who Conquers All Evil

Prayers We May Be Guided To Do the Work of the Lord

Do Not Fear the Call of the Lord

The Responsibility of Parents

Prayers To Learn His Plan for Why He Created Us

Who Do We Allow to Define Us?

Prayers In Thanks for the Word Which Guides Us

Through His Word, We May Rejoice

Prayer In Thanks for the Gifts He Gives

Transformation by the Lamb

Prayers in Thanks for the One Sent As Our Light

The One Sent As Our Light

Prayers in Thanks for the Light Sent Unto the World

The Light of the World

Prayers for the Protection of Families

Faith and Family

Prayers in Thanks and Praise for the Prophecy of Salvation

The Prophecy of Salvation

Prayers Of Hope In Him

Rejoice and Hope

Prayers We May Heed the Cry In the Desert

The Cry In The Desert

Prayers for the Coming Day of Justice and Salvation

Living for the Days of Redemption

Prayers In Thanks For His Kingdom

The King Of Which Was Foretold

Prayers He Will Prepare Us for His Embrace

The Time Which Is Coming

Prayers In Thanks for All He Provides

What May We Give to the One Who Created Everything?

Prayers In Thanks For The Lamb Which Purifies

The Lamb Which Takes Away the Sins of the World

Prayers We May See His Wisdom

Removing Blindness to Wisdom

Prayers In Thanks For The Example of the Son

The Power of Humility and Love

Prayers We May Be Wise In Stewardship

Wisdom and Stewardship

Prayers He Guides Us In Love

He Made Them Male and Female

Prayers for Respect and Understanding

Sharing in Understanding

Prayers We Are Guided in Ministry

The Greatest Shall Serve

Prayers We Are Strengthened by the Cross

The Faith of the Cross

Prayers In Thanks For His Healing

The One Who Heals


The Blessings of Prayer


What Do We Sow?

Prayers To Embrace His Word

Living By His Holy Word

His Children

Prayers We May See His Blessings

Whom Do We Serve?

Our Children And God:

The Heart Which Turns to Him

Prayers That We May Receive The Blessings of His Wisdom

Seeking His Wisdom

The One Sent, Not To Destroy, But To Save

The Wicked Community:

The Blind Leading The Blind

The Hardness of Hearts

The Direction of Our Choices:

Prayers In Thanks For The Bread Of Eternal Life

The Bread For Our Eternal Journey

Our Choices Reveal Our Soul

Our Petitions

How Do We Discern The One Who Is True?

Prayers In Thanks for the Bread From Heaven

The Bread From Heaven

Priorities of the World and of Faith

What Comes of the Seed?

The Blessed Yeast

One Body in Christ:

The Servant Leader

The Soil Within Our Heart

Prayers We Are Guided In Sharing Our Blessings

The Meaning of Our Contributions

Helping Others To See

How Do We Pray?

Who Is the Family of Christ?

The Signs About Us

Faithful Shepherds

The Vigil for the Lord

Prayers for the Protection of His Shepherds

The Shepherds of His Fields

Mercy, Not Sacrifice

All Who Labor and Are Burdened

God Is Behind Those Who Respond to His Call:

The Justice of Cities and Nations

The Preciousness of Life

The Riches of His Grace

Courage Under Persecution

Prayers for Wisdom and Courage of Faith

By Whom Are We Rejected and Accepted?

Withstanding Persecution:

Forgiveness and Providence

Sharing the Good News:


Prayers In Thanks He Sent His Prophets

He Sent His Prophets and His Son

Prayer for the Healing of Our Soul

Healing of Body and Soul

Prayers In Thanks for His Creation

Our Understanding of His Creation

Prayers God Will Guide Us To Our Purpose

What Are We To Become?

Prayers In Thanks for the Blood Shared for Us

The Blood Shed for Us

Prayers to Understand His Blessings

What Do We See?

Prayers We Are Guided To Accomplish His Will

His Love Within Us

Prayers In Thanks for the Blessings of Love

That Which Brings Us Closer to God:

Prayers He Guides Us In Word and Deed

Beyond Words To What We Do

Prayers In Thanks For Our Shepherd

The Shepherd Sent For Our Salvation

Prayers We Are Guided In His Truth

The One Who Guides Us To Truth

Prayers We May Receive the Holy Spirit

Receiving the Holy Spirit

Prayers In Thanks for the One Who Is Risen

The One Who Is Risen

Prayers In Thanks for the Love Poured Out for Us

Seeing the Love Poured Out for Us

Prayers In Thanks for His Knock

The Knock At The Door of Our Heart

Prayers In Thanks for the Salvation Purchased for Us All

Let Us Believe As We Say And Live As We Believe

Prayers In Thanks For His Commandments

The Commandments of Love

Prayers In Thanks for the Sacrifice Made for the Generations

The Sacrifice for the Generations

Prayers In Thanks for the Cleansing Waters

The Water of Eternal Life

Prayers In Thanks For Healing

Cleansing of the Soul

Prayers In Thanks For The Hope Which Guides Our Lives

From Drudgery to Rejoicing

Prayers In Thanks For The Prophets

Prophets and Vocations

Prayers We May Be Guided

The Warning We Must Heed

Prayers In Thanks for the Voice Which Calls to the Heart

The Voice Which Calls

Prayers In Thanks for the Light Sent to the World

The One Sent To Bring Salvation

Home for Good

Prayers In Thanks for the Child of Salvation

The Most Holy Child

Prayers in Thanks for Family

The Vocation of Family

Prayers We Are Guided in the Balance of our Works

The Balance To Which We Are Called

Prayers in Thanks for the Prophecy of Salvation

The Prophecy of Blessings to Come

Prayers In Thanks For The Prophecy of Truth

Let Us Listen to the Prophets of Truth

Prayers in Thanks for the Potter

Blessed Are Those Who Wait for Him

Prayers In Thanks For the Mender of Souls

The One Who Judges and Mends Souls

Prayers We Are Guided in Our Gifts

Blessings and Gifts Entrusted to Us

Prayers In Thanks for the Temple of His Love

The Temple Entrusted to Us

Prayers In Thanks for the Eternal Place We Are Called

The Place of Life for Our Souls

Prayers In Thanks For His Call to Love

His Call to Love

Prayers In Thanks He Calls Us By Name

The Soul Which Hears His Call

Prayers In Thanks We Are Invited to His Feast

The Invitation to His Table

Prayers We Are Guided In Stewardship

Blessings Given and Squandered

Prayers That All May Hear His Call

What Is Done and Not Done

Reflections Upon the Stations of the Cross

Prayers We Are Guided from the Darkness

It Is Not Too Late, We Are Never Too Lost

Prayers in Thanks for the One Sent to Lift our Burdens

He Who Lifts Our Burdens

Prayers We May Fulfill His Commandments to Love

The Responsibility of Love

Prayers for the Voice of the Faithful

Pressure to Silence His Word

Prayers We May Help Fulfill His Promise

The Promise Over Which Evil Cannot Prevail

Prayers In Thanks for the Door He Opens to Us

The Door Open to All

Prayers for the Whisper of His Love

The Power of His Whisper

Prayers for the Great Wealth He Offers

A Wealth Beyond The Riches of the World

Prayers for the Blessings of Wisdom

The Blessing of His Wisdom

Prayers for the Blessings of His Justice

The Source of True Justice

Prayers We May Be Nourished with His Word

Blessed is the Nurturing Soil

Prayers We May Be Delivered from Presumptive Wisdom

The Power No Army May Conquer

Prayers We May Be Strengthened to Build His Church

Those Who Build His Church

Prayers In Thanks for the Bread Sent From Heaven

The Bread Sent From Heaven

Prayers in Thanks for Family

Prayers in Thanks for the Commandments to Love

The Commandments Given in Love

Prayers in Thanks for the Holy Spirit

The One Sent to Guide Us

Prayers We May See As Those Who Saw Him Rise

The Ascension to Light the Path

Prayers the Holy Spirit Will Guide our Hands

The Guide for the Works of Our Hands

Prayers He Guides Many Hands

The Cornerstone for the Hands of Many

Prayers In Thanks for the Lamb

The Lamb and the Shepherd

Prayers That All Might Hear His Good News

The Good News Shared on the Road to Emmaus

Prayers for What We Do Not See, But Find Within

What We May Find Within

Prayers the Gospel May Guide our Lives

The Blessing of the Gospel

Prayers in Thanks for the King Sent for the Salvation of All

The King of the Generations

Prayers We May Receive His Eternal Gift

His Eternal Gift From Death Into Life

Prayers We May Hear His Calling

For What Does He Anoint Us?

Prayers We May Be Led Through Our Tribulations

We Do Not Walk Our Challenges Alone

Prayers We May Be Guided

Will We Go Where He Guides Us?

Prayers We Are Protected from Temptation and Deception

Temptation and the Cleansing Gift

Prayers In Thanks for the One Who Remembers Us

In Times of Challenge

Prayers He Will Help Us Protect His Temple

Keeping Holy His Temple

Prayers We Are Guided by the Commandments to Love

The Blessings of His Commandments

Prayers We Are Guided In Our Talents

The Purpose to Which We Put Our Talent

Prayers In Thanks for the Son

The Child Presented in the Temple

Prayers in Thanks for His Light

Blessed Are Those Who See His Light

Prayers We Are Guided to His Purpose

For What Were We Formed?

Prayers in Thanks for the Blessings of Baptism

To What Does Baptism Guide Us?

Prayers in Thanks for His Light

The Call to the Light

Prayers to Uphold the Fabric of Families

The Blessings of Family

Prayers We May Choose the Right Path

The Path We Choose

Prayers for the Days of Blessings to Come

Sowing for His Day

Prayers for the Voices Who Share Your Word

The Voice Calling to Prepare for the Lord

Prayers for the Hour Which Will Come

The Blessings Which Could Be

Until He is Within Us

Prayers for Those Who Lead and are Led

Those Who Lead and Who Are Led

Prayers We Are Guided in Peace

When the Day is At Hand

Prayers for the Strength Beneath the Wings of Faith

The Strength Which Comes Through Faith

Prayers in Thanks for His Guidance and Mercy

The Power of His Grace and Mercy

Prayers for the Blessings of Humility

The Arrogant and the Humble

Prayers So All May Know His Word

The Word for All to See

Prayers in Thanks for Our Healing

The Blessing of His Healing

Prayers in Thanks for Our Blessings

The Strength of Faith

Prayers for His Values Over the Values of the World

The Direction of Our Eternity

Prayers for the Blessings of Honesty and Integrity

Blessings of the Honest Heart

Prayers the Lost Shall Return

Rejoice When the Lost are Found

Prayers That We May Learn His Ways

To Know Him and Follow Him

Prayers for the Blessings of Humility and Love

The Blessings of Humility and Love

Prayers In Thanks for What He Sends to Us

All Are Called, But Who Will Heed?

Prayers That We May Be Guided

What Warning Will We Heed?

Prayers for Faith and Leaders of Faith

In What Do We Place Our Faith?

Prayers for Works of Blessings Over Vanity

The Choice of Vanity or Works of Blessings

Prayers for the Generations

The Prayer Passed to the Generations

Prayers For Our Path

The Blessings of Our Path

Prayers for Charity and Love

The Blessing of Charity and Love

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier (Thanks for Forgiveness)

Those Sent to Spread His Word

The Purpose to Which Each is Anointed

Grace of the One Who Was Pierced

Examination of Our Heart

His Song in the Morning

The Strength of Prayer

The Blessings of His Works

The Eternal Food for the Soul

From Whence Does Our Heart Learn?

The Truth Through the Holy Spirit

Faith in the Face of Persecution

To What Will He Hold Us To Account?

A New Commandment for a New Day

All Are Chosen

May His Name Be Forever On Our Lips

He Breathed the Holy Spirit Upon Them

The Sacrifice Which Brings New Life

The One Who Rode to Waving Palms

His Love is so Great, He Forgives Those Who Sin

Those Who Are Lost May Still Be Found

Reconciliation, an accomplished fact

What Lessons Do We Learn?

The Covenant for the Generations

We Are What We Keep in Our Heart

Paul\'s gospel must be accepted

Who Should be Offended by Prayer?

Our sin debt has been settled

Grace Communication


Doctrine of Thinking

Love is the Better Way

Blessed Are Those Who Come to Share the Word

A Simple Prayer for the Unborn

The Gifts He Places in Our Care

The One Who Came to Baptize with the Holy Spirit

The Gifts Brought to and Which Came from Bethlehem

The Fabric of the Generations

Blessed Are Those Called to do the Will of the Lord

A prayer to our Lord and Savior in memory of my mother

Give Praise for the One Heralded to Come

The Voice Which Cries from the Wilderness

Please Pray

Blessed Are Those Who Are the Hands of His Charity

Christ the King of Kings

The One Who Delivers Us From Tribulation

Sharing in Love

Blessed Are Those Who Share the Word

The High Priest Called by God

The First and the Last

Wisdom and Stewardship of His Gifts

He Designed Them Male and Female

The Blessing of Receiving the Holy Spirit

The Strength of Love Over Evil

Standing with the Courage of Faith

The Healing Which Becomes Eternal

If We All Followed His Commandments of Love

Faith, Scripture and the Selfless Heart

Wisdom Found Only Through Him

Don\'t get this Verichip!

The Bread Which Forever Holds Us Up

The Eternal Food from Heaven

Feeding the Multitudes

The Bad Shepherd and the Good

Following the Just or Unjust

The Second Death

Prophets Can Only Warn, It Is People Who Choose

Riches Beyond What Is Held in the Hand

There Is No Hell!

The One Sent to Herald the Coming of the Lamb

Blessed are the Nations Which Stand Under God

The Blood of the Lamb of God

Sent in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

The Breath of Jesus

A Candle Cannot Burn in the Wind Without God

The Love of God as Our Guide

All May Turn to God

The Salvation Sent by God

Blessed Are Those Who Seek the Word of God

Sharing the Gifts of God

What Man, But the Son of God, Could Conquer Death?

The Paschal Mystery of the Lamb of God

The Glory and Suffering of the One Sent by God

One Conquered Death So All May Live in God

Those Who Mock God Do Not Know Him

The Laws of Man and the Laws of God

What Do We Put Before God?

The Covenant of God for Life

The Power of the Forgiveness of God

The Healing Which Only Comes from God

Sharing the Gospel of God Through What We Do

Learning From the Voice Sent by God

Our Response to the Call of God

The Voice of God by Our Hearts

The Light Sent by God

The Gift of God for All Generations

The Gift of God Beyond All Gifts

Working as the Hands of God

The Gift of the Calling of God

A Voice Heralding the Good News of God

Only God Can Provide That Which is Eternal

Who Do We Follow on the Path to God?

Commitment to God and One Another

The Blessing of Wisdom Through God

Pray for Those Who Spread the Gospel of God

The Greatest Commandments of God

Our Works for God, Great and Small

Who Will Come to the Table of the Lord?

Of What are we Stewards?

Will We Do the Will of God?

Blessed are Those Who Seek the Lord

That Which Deprives Us of Love

Watchmen for the Children of God

Carrying the Cross with God

Blessed are the Ministers for the Lord

We All Are Children of God

Listen for the Whisper of God

Only We Can Turn From God

Prayer Balance

Merciful God

The Seed of Faith

The Reign of Love

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 40 (Truth and Light)

The Bread of Life

Willow Tree Angels

Conveying Commandments of Love

Breath of the Holy Spirit

Through Him We Know the Father

Blessings of the Holy Spirit

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 39 (Messengers of the

The Cornerstone

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 38 (Love and Harmony)

Day of Yahweh

Voice of the Shepherd

What\'s are you reading religious books?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 38 (Pain of Sin)

Prophesy of Truth

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 37 (Love Eternal)

A Study of Morality

Truth in the Heart

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 36 (Light and Vision

Not Stone Nor Guard Could Stop the Resurrection

Sacrifice and Desertion

Power Over Death

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 35 (Eternal Water)

Light of the Heart

Life Giving Water

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 34 (Responding)

The Call of the Lord

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier–Vol 33 (Sin and Salvation)

Salvation from Christ

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 32 (Responsibilities

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 31 (Treasure in Love)

Demonstration of Faith

All Things are Possible for God

To What are We Servants?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 30 (God or the World)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 29 (Healing Conflict)

Love Your Enemy

The Law of Love

That Which Defiles and That Which Purifies

The Image of God and the Image of Man

The Beginning and Faith in God

The Salt of the Earth and the Light of God

The Fruit of the Word

The Mediator of a New Covenant

The Remnant Few of God

The Universe Ordered by God

How Can We be Divided in God?

That Which is of God and the Agendas of Men

The Patience of God

God Is Our Path to Freedom

A World Beneath the Angels

The Call of God

The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Saturday After Epiphany

Friday After Epiphany

Thursday After Epiphany

Wednesday After Epiphany

Tuesday After Epiphany

Monday After Epiphany

The Epiphany of the Lord

The Octave Day of Christmas

The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

The Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas

The Fifth Day in the Octave of Christmas

Reflections on the Holy Innocents

Reflections on John the Apostle and Evangelist

Reflections on the Holy Family

Reflections of Christmas Day

The Twenty-Seventh Day of Advent

The Twenty-Sixth Day of Advent

The Twenty-Fifth Day of Advent

The Twenty-Fourth Day of Advent

The Twenty-Third Day of Advent

The Twenty-Second Day of Advent

The Twenty-First Day of Advent

The Twentieth Day of Advent

The Nineteenth Day of Advent

The Eighteenth Day of Advent

The Seventeenth Day of Advent

The Sixteenth Day of Advent

The Fifteenth Day of Advent

The Fourteenth Day of Advent

The Thirteenth Day of Advent

The Twelfth Day of Advent

The Eleventh Day of Advent

The Tenth Day of Advent

The Ninth Day of Advent

The Eighth Day of Advent

The Seventh Day of Advent

The Sixth Day of Advent

The Fifth Day of Advent

The Fourth Day of Advent

The Third Day of Advent

The Second Day of Advent

The First Day of Advent

What is Advent?

Remembering the True Essence of Thanksgiving

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 28 (Deceit)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 27 (Divisions)

Delta Flight Attendant Recognizes Veterans

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 26 (Great Things)

Please help me understand

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 25 (Healing)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 24 (Living Examples)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 23 (Peace in Our Day)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier–Vol 22 (Strength of Faith)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 21 (Integrity)

For Our Good Friend Rob

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 20 (Responsibility)


Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 19 (Limitations)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 18 (Fortune and Need)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 17 (Our Leaders)

Where Do We Provide our Charity?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 16 (Protection)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 15 (Together)

A Prayer Request for the Healing of Jenny

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 14 (Purpose)

Truth and False Prophets

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 13 (Thanks)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 12 (Wisdom)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 11 (His World)

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 10 (Daily Choices)

Do Guardian Angels Exist?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 9

Why Are Christians Persecuted?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 8

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier for Fathers

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 7

Were We Created Only to Suffer?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 6

Do We Extend the Light of God?

What is the Trinity?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier – Vol 5

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier for Our Military

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier for the Unborn

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 4

What is Pentecost?

What is the Jerusalem Cross?

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 3

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 2

Charity to Others

Simple Prayers of Prayer Soldier - Vol 1

Living the Faith so Others May See

Simple Prayers for Mother-s Day

Learning the Word

Our Purpose and the Works of God

Our Afflictions

Of Innocence Lost and Love Found

Remembrance in a Church

Would We Have Weeped?

True Freedom Through God

Where Do We See God Today?

What We Perceive, What We Become

In Prayer to the Lord

junk food

For What Do We Pray?

There is No Brokenness God Cannot Heal

Pondering the Gifts and Talents God has Bestowed

Why Do We Sin?

The Defense Against Deception and Temptation

Hot Lips

The Word and Choice

The Good and Evil of Desire

Pondering the Call of God

Pondering Selfishness and Love

Pondering a Special Day of Love

A Timeless Encouragement for All to Pray

Pondering Deception

Fear, Grace, Apathy and Idolatry and Our Response to God

Pondering Our Gifts

Looming Catastrophe

Free Copy of Vital Truth and Precepts Study Guide

Pondering Wealth

Pondering the Thoughts of the Mother of the Son of God

Pondering the Thoughts of Men Watching Sheep

Pondering the Thoughts of a Man Betrothed

Pondering a Man Crying Out in the Wilderness

Pondering the Thoughts of a Young Virgin

Pondering the Expanse of God\'s Love

Do you up a Christmas tree?

The One True Road

Christmas, a Time to Welcome Home


The Power of God\'s Love

Our God of Life

Keeping Doors Open

Our Path

Our Purpose

Reflections from a Warm Sunday Past

Say a Prayer for our Military

Traditions and values in Christian families

newbie from Atlanta

God\'s Hands

Pondering What We Do With God\'s Gifts

Pondering Conflicts

Pondering Our Youth into Life

Pondering What We Find in Others

A Young Woman Named Kimi

Pondering the Passing of Summer to Snow

Pondering God's Gifts

Pondering God's Message of Love

Do We Listen, Do We See?

We Are All God's Children

Afflictions and Endurance of Faith

The Seeds of Faith

Prayer for those Struggling for Freedom

A Prayer for the Vocation of Motherhood

prayer request

Please Pray for Co-worker

A Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Hate Crimes

A Saint for our Time

Wasn't It God's Will?

Please Join My Prayer

Pray for me please

Pray for me please

Keep us true in Faith

For What do we Pray?

A Prayer for Trust in Jesus

Fertile Soil

Prayer for Unborn Life

Disappointment is Relative

True Wealth

Should the Pro-life Movement Continue its Course?

For Which Life Do We Live?

The Gift of Wisdom

A Natural Thing

The Commissioning of the Twelve

How do we recognize the Holy Spirit?

Weakness and Hope

False Prophets and Shepherds


The Universal call to holiness

Empty Temptations

The Desert of Life

Christianity and Global Warming

Gifts and Pride

Holy Spirit

The Gift to do God's Will

A Time Between Heaven and Hell

Of Happiness and Despair

In Community

Fish Stick Casserole

Fancy Shrimp & Egg Bake

Lenten Reflection - Feb 7

Lenten Reflection - Feb 6

Mexican Rice and Beans

A New Beginning, A New Covenant

What Do We Seek in the Lord?

Our Relationship with the Lord

What Do We Do With God's Time?

Targets of Satan

Distractions from God

Saddness of Sin - the Hope of Forgiveness

New Year Resolutions

2008 Epiphany Household Blessing

Gain versus loss

Please pray for mother


A breakthrough in Science!

A Matter of Maturity

Prayer for What Purpose?

Be thankful

Advent-Jesus's Coming


The Beliefs of Others

Living the Word


Does my guardian angel work hard!

Please pray for friend

Pray for students and teachers


The Word

Do We Consider

Fr. Gerald Borer A.K.A. Fr. Jerry

What We Do

Please pray for Bryan.

Bible Contradictions

Desire for God

Biblical Proofs of the Rapture?

Please pray for a victorious outcome...

Pray for Virginia Tech Students

Mary of Medugorie

Who is Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda?

Losing Faith in a Liberal Church

Please pray for my mom

Pray for a friend

Why Not Materialism?

Success Stories

Christmas Jokes

Evolutionary Logic

Things found on the internet

God and Computers

IT Industry

Computer Woes

Helpdesk Jokes

Microsoft to sell Ad Space in Error Messages

Microsoft TV Dinner Insert

Clues That Your Co-Worker is a Computer Hacker

Murphey's Law of Computers

Engineer vs. Programmer Games

Technical Support



Hymns of misunderstanding

I've died and gone to Heaven

The Faithful

Thanksgiving traditions


Clergy Jokes

Math Class

Art Class

Kids say the darndest things...

Adam and Eve

Communication with God

In church

Religious War Jokes

Going to Church more often?

Satan Visits the Church

Who are all those men in the pictures?

Short and Sweet

Squirrels in the Church

Losing Faith At College

New Republic and Fr. Neuhaus' response.

Find out your Age by Eating Out

Q: How does a homeschooler change a light bulb?

Top 10 Things NOT to say when asked "What? No school to

You might be a homeschooler if...

Tattooing and Piercing

God Parents

Did Pope Benedict XVI Apologize?

St. Michael - Help Against Spiritual Enemies

St. Gabriel: Prayer for Intercession

Prayer to Guardian Angel

Prayer for Vocations II

Prayer for Vocations

Prayer for Success in Work

Father’s Day Prayer for the Deceased.

Prayer for Traveling (or far away) Father’s

Father's Day Prayer

For the tragic death of a small child

Fireman's Prayer

Firefighter's Prayer

Daily Prayer

General Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer for Soldiers

How to Pray

Spiritual Adoption

Prayer for Moral Courage

Litany of Humility

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

Indulgence Prayer for Catholic Families

Chaplet of the Five Wounds of Jesus

Is Homeschooling Legal?

Please pray for my parents

Prayer request for Grandpa

Guardian Angels

Essays of Renaldo Visione - Wonders

Essays of Renaldo Visione - Evolution

Essays of Renaldo Visione - A Relationship

Praying to the Saints

Double Standard

On Religious Indifference

The Day of Christmas

Prayers for Papa

Essays of Renaldo Visione - Back Then

Essays of Renaldo Visione - Thanksgiving

Essays of Renaldo Visione - A Simple Observation

Essays of Renaldo Visione - The Vineyard and Lamp Oil

Essays of Renaldo Visione - The Coin

Baby Danielle

Prayers for Sam

God's will




full time permanent job emotionaly /fnancially happy with


Hurricane Katrina Victims and Families

prayer for my sister, Eleanor

Financial Healing

family healing


God's Glory

[b]We need God's Immediate Help[/b]

Please pray for PD and Family

Prayer Poem


I need strong Intercessary Prayer

Healing my mom

Need intercession

The Lord is my Shepard

my husband



Needing help


Prayer for my brother

Guardian Angels 2

Guardian Angels

Prayer for son

For All Sorts and Conditions

For the Human Family

For Joy in God's Creation

Relationship Problems

For a friend

violent neighbours

Heart Change

pd and family need lots of prayers

I NEED God's Will

Afraid of God

Long and Happy Marriage

URGENT: Spirit Led Request

Prayers were answered with healing

Various Requests

Clear Vision

In real pain

My love is in bondage













A Prayer For A Family

New Pope

The Lord's Prayer


Pope John Paul II

Terry Schiavo


New Sales Tax Rules Prevent Guardian Angel Store From Delivering in Colorado

Angel of Light

Student Sues High School for Religious Freedom

Young Woman Writes From Perspective of a Child in the Womb

Students Sue HHS Over Mandate

AHA Forces Schools to Stop Christmas Toy Drives

Chaplain Article Censored

The Way Evil Works, Twisting the Word of God

Abortion Activist Cautioned by Court Against Referring to God

Voice of Rebellion or Religious Freedom

For Greater Glory, A Message From History

Catholics Begin to Come Together to Protect Religious Freedom

Army Catholic Chaplains Stopped From Reading Letter

Government Imposes Contraceptives on Religious Organizations

Pelosi Believes GOP Wants Women to Die on the Floor

Pro-life Advocates Make a Difference

40 Days for Life Gears Up in Colorado Springs

School District Concerned Head Bowing Violates First Amendment

40 Days for Life Starts in Colorado Springs

Blessed is the Sidewalk Counselor

Pro-life Group Prays for Help from Building Owner

Live Action Reveals Truth Behind Planned Parenthood Political Rhetoric

Dr. Alveda King Talks About Pro-life While in Colorado

Dr. Alveda King to Speak in Colorado Springs

Feds to States - Fund Planned Parenthood Or Else

Planned Parenthood Criticizes Life Network

Texans Stands Up for the Unborn

Bishop Sheridan Says Mass in Front of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Center of Budget Controversy

40 Days for Life – Confessions of a Sidewalk Counselor

40 Days for Life on 970AM KFEL

40 Days for Life Parking Issue

At Least One Life Saved

Men's Ministry Discusses Anger

40 Days for Life Begins in Colorado Springs

Planned Parenthood Sets New Records - Unfortunately

40 Days for Life in Colorado Springs

Men's Ministry Discusses Life and Abortion Part III

Men's Ministry Discusses Life and Abortion Part II

Men's Ministry Discusses Life and Abortion Part I

Live Action Generates Planned Parenthood Controversy

Christian Gift and Book Store Struggles Under Shadow of Marijuana Shop

Christians Attacked in Iraq

Fight for Personhood in Colorado

Teens Facing Forced Abortions

Respect Life Month at St. Patrick's

Presidential Revision of the Declaration of Independence

Reedy Clothed in Carmelite Order

Colorado Springs Bishop Asks Support for VirtueMedia

40 Days for Life Saves 3000 Babies

New Vatican Office to Combat Secularization

Pro-Life Prayer Chain

October Respect Life Month

Atheists Score Highest in Religious Knowledge

City-Wide Night Out

War Over Christmas DVD

Terror Plot Against Pope

Clergy Responds to Hawking's Theory Dismissing God

Hawking on Creation Without God

The Fight Against Crosses

Mother Theresa Stamp Controversy

Wait to Rebuild Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

Charities Need Help for Pakistan

Law Requires Catholic Church to Cover Contraception

Young Latino's Less Likely to Identify as Catholic

Judge Finds Religion Harms Homosexuals

Archaeologists Uncover Philistine Temple

Atheist Turns to Christianity

Robbery Thwarted by Discussing Jesus

FFRF Legal Intimidation to Silence Prayer

NC State House Chaplin Fired Over Jesus' Name

Pro-Family Groups Defend National Day of Prayer

Student Forced to Choose Between Christian or University Beliefs

States Opt Out of Federal Abortion Mandate

Federal Funding of Abortion

Christians Stopped from Praying at Supreme Court Building

Vatican Official Appointed to Rehabilitate Legionaries of Christ

Professor Fired over Catholic Doctrine Declared as Hate Speech

iPads at the Altar?

Texas Schools May Not Confiscate Religious Gifts

Presbyterian General Assembly Considers Same Sex Marriage

Prayers and Federally Funded Meals

Churches Seek to Help Homeless Displaced by Floods

ACLU Attacks Prayer at College Graduation

Nepolitano Seeks to Monitor Internet to Stop Domestic Terrorists

Reflections of Father's Day for Christians

ACLU Stops Nevada Personhood Petition

Guardian Angel Alerts Family of Flood

Hollywood Ridicule Targets Christians

Pro-Abortion Groups Denounce Ultrasounds

Florida Law Seeks to Protect First Amendment Rights

Bill to Lift Ban On Abortion in Military Hospitals

Catholic Charities Needs Help to Support Oil Spill Victims

Judge Rules Graduation Cannot be in Cathedral

Temporary Order Allows Boy to Wear Rosary to School

Objection to Texas State Board of Education Prayer

Vandalism Against Christian Churches

Boy Suspended for Wearing Rosary

Cross Stolen from Veterans Memorial

Supreme Court Allows Cross to Stay

Millennials Reflect Decline in Faith

National Prayer Day Declared Unconstitutional

Many Prepare for Divine Mercy

Health Care Abortion Issue Shifts to States

Town Renames Good Friday

Bishop Says Pelosi Does Not Speak for Catholics

Huffington Post on Catholics

President Agrees to Hyde Type Executive Order

Pro-Life Democrats Obtain Abortion Executive Order

Health Care Set to Pass Despite Abortion Controversy

In God We Trust is Constitutional

Surviving Abortion

God is Part of American Heritage

Atheists Offer Pornography for Bibles

Pondering Life in the Womb

40 Days for Life

NOW Says Tebow Ad Promotes Violence Against Women

Coakley Admonishes that Catholics Shouldn't Work in ER

Diocese Invites Catholics Home

Prayer Before Government Meetings Under Attack

Abortion Issue Center of Senate Health Care Negotiations

Dornan Amendment Change to Allow Local Funds for Abortion

Nelson Amendment Fails

AHA Why Believe in God Campaign

Legal Fights Over Christmas Carols

Best Buy Holiday Advertising Policy

Catholic Campaign Under Fire

Pro Abortion Groups Swarm Senate

War on Christmas Continues

Campaign to Free Two Christian Women

Chirst in Christmas Collection

Abortion, Health Care and Politics

Rep Woolsey Threatens Catholic Bishops

Stupak Amendment Threatened in Senate

Stupak Paves Way for Health Care Bill

Pelosi and Bishops on Abortion

Planned Parent Hood Director Changes View

Home Depot Fires Man Over

Christmas Season Mailing Deadlines

NJ Priest Slain - Update

NJ Priest Slain

In God We Trust and the National Visitor Center

Cheerleader Signs Banned

Support for Abortion Slipping

The Battle Over a Cross in the Desert

America's Belief in Evolution and Creationism

Religious Vocation

Pro-life Activist Shot While Demonstrating

President's Address to Congress and Life Issues

Huckabee and Voight Discuss Obamacare

Christian Girl Ordered to Attend Public School

FL School Officials Face Criminal Charges Over Prayer

Are Fact Checking Organizations Misleading?

Health Care Reform and the Sanctity of Life

Where Do You Store Your Treasure?

Some Recent Rulings Concerning Abortion

Health Care Reform and Abortion

Justice Ginsberg and Shades of Sanger

Roe Protests Sotomayor

Do Politics Dictate What We Must Believe?

Scams in the Job Search

Pope Reminds G8 of Responsibility to the Poor

Palin Resignation Draws Criticism

Transition and Our Finances

What Will the Pope and President Obama Discuss?

The Obama Choice for a Church Home Still Pending

People Contact in the Job Search

Huffington Post Misrepresents Pope's Position on Unions

Church Contacts in the Job Search

Miss California Loses Crown with Trump's Blessing

Job Search Research Beyond the Ads

New Christian Book

Good News Index

More Sides of Sotomayor

Sides of Sotomayor

Remembering the Sacrifice of Loved Ones

NASCAR Pauses Race for Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Garden for Fallen Detective

Pro-Life Trends

One Million Children

A Cardboard Testimony at St. Patrick's

The President, Notre Dame, and Catholic Divisions

Oberman Rant Over Miss California Decision

Trump Allows Miss California to Keep Crown

Miss California May Lose Crown

Protests at Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Controversy and the Vatican

Notre Dame Controvery Square Off

DHS Lexicon for Extremism

Disparagement of Miss California Continues

Former Ambassador Bows Out of Notre Dame Ceremony

Is President Obama Softening His Position on Abortion?

Politics, Religion and Universities

Prestige or Principles – The Scandal of Notre Dame

Culture War at Miss USA Pageant

Miss California misses Miss USA

Was Newt Gingrich Tight Lipped?

A New Saint for Our Time

First Christmas secularization story of the year

Assumption of Mar-August 15

Sts. John Jones and John Well-July 12

Patron Saint of Youth-St. Aloysious June 21

Guardian Angels must spread their wings!

Who was St Patrick?

Orthodox Activists Declare War to St. Valentine’s Day

Fast and Abstinence During Lent

Student Sues Teacher over Anti-Christian comments

Man on way home from Bible Study delivers baby with Turkey Baster and Shoe Strin

Marriage saved my life...well the ring at least

Wisconsin man charged for drugging pregnant girlfriend with "Abortion Pill"

True meaning of the Twelve days of Christmas

Bill to outlaw religious extremists and terrorists

Quoting History

The joys of Children

Celebrating or Forcing Diversity???

Kathy Griffen, Get a clue! Stop Religious Hate!

Anti-Saggy pants Laws quit whining and get a belt.

76 year old woman found after missing for 2 weeks attributes it to prayer

Why I don't trust Rebates. Sometimes they're too good to be true.

The Church of Scientology faces Criminal Charges

Hospital Chaplain fired over Prayer

Pilgrim Charter Airline Service Launches

The Theory of Evolution

Can the intercession of a saint help us?

Driving in Colorado Springs...Possible Death Sentence?

What is a Coptic American?

Bible-Less Christian vs. Atheist Debate to Hit ABC on Wednesday

Amen I say to you...

Divine Mercy Sunday - What is Divine Mercy?

Why do we call it Good Friday?

Good News vs. Bad News

Tomb of Jesus?

Selling Holy Water, Blessings - Simony

You've got something on your head...

What is Mardi Gras?

When does life begin?

St. Valentine's Day a History Lesson


The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

New Year's Traditions Past and Present

Snow Snow Everywhere there's Snow!

The Real Twelve Days of Christmas

Youth forget Jesus at Christmas Time

Guardian Angel Store Participation Points Program


Feast of the Guardian Angel

2nd Annual Angels Among Us Contest

Guardian Angel Postal Unit Grand Opening

Rape Victim: My Child 'No Different Than a Child Not Conceived in Rape'

Jesus Christ: The Divine Mercy

Guardian Angel Store has a new drive!

Father's Day Prayers

The Story of Father's Day

Christian items hot sellers for holiday

Guardian Angel Store in the News

Congress Approves Ban on Funeral Protesting

Abortion Supporting Native Indian Chief in South Dakota May Be Impeached

Four Russian Doctors to be Re-Tried for Organ Stealing

The History behind Memorial Day

Bible making guest appearance in High School History class.

MAP to be Given to British Girls as Young as 12

Notorious Abortionist Will Not Face Discipline By Florida Board of Medicine

Bush Reaffirms Pro-Life Stance

Chinese Woman Arrested for Protesting Her Forced Abortion Tortured in Prison

President Attends National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Georgia Homeschoolers Graduate as Class Members

New Jersey Court Rules Jury Must Decide If Abortion Terminates a Life

Woman Sues For Wrongful Birth of Surviving Twin After Failed Abortion

Michigan Gov. Signs Abortion Ultrasound Law

Conservatives Rally Grassroots as Opposition to Gay Marriage Declines

Mass. Drive to Ban Gay 'Marriage' May Face Strong Opposition

Conservatives Renew Ford Boycott Citing Failed Negotiations

Wash. State Pharmacy Board Takes Up Right-to-Refuse Debate

New Liberian President Asks U.S. for Prayers, Support

Utah Gov. Signs Parental Consent Bill to Law

Michigan Legislation Targets Coercion During Pregnancy

Ala. Church Fire Suspects Held on New Charges

Hawaii to Become 'Baby Killing Center of Pacific'

Planned Parenthood South Dakota Plans to Defy Law, Continue Committing Abortions

Study Shows 20% Drop in Teenage Abortion Rates From Texas Parental Notification

UN Campaign Underway to Ensure Abortion Internationally Recognized Human Right

Chinese Legal Activist Arrested Again - Local Officials Deny Knowledge

Young Americans More Likely to Say Abortion is Wrong

Anglican Head Warns Against 'Visible Rupture' over Homosexuality

India Official Saves Baby Girls By Shaming Parents Who Consider Abortion

Woman Wins $105,000 From Doctor Who 'Failed' Abortion of Her Son

Mississippi Close to Banning Abortions: Governor Likely to Sign Bill

Joe Scheidler Wins Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling against N.O.W.

Mississippi Abortion Ban Bill Passes House

Holland to Allow Baby Euthanasia

Doctors Seek to Withdraw Life Support from 17-Month Old With Muscular Disorder

Wal-Mart Bows to Abortion Zealots on Plan-B

Hurricane Response Highlights Christian Unity

New Research Supports Abortion-Mental Health Risk Claims

Focus on the Family Calls on Evangelical Churches to Talk about Abortion

Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies to Cure Disease is 'Pure Folly, Says MIT Prof

Neocatechumenate Co-founder Meets Pontiff

Book of Hope to Join Massive Cooperative Effort in Rwanda

Opus Dei on John Allen's New Book

The Mother of God, and World Day of Peace

Pa. School Board Rescinds Intelligent Design Policy

Speaker Says He'll Comply with Jesus Prayer Ban

Archbishop of Canterbury to Visit Troubled Pakistan

Democrats Continue Tough Questioning of Supreme Court Nominee

Benedict XVI Assails

Anglican Head Calls on Pakistan Prime Minister to Revise Blasphemy Law

Illinois pharmacist won't fill abortifacient morning–after pill

Big Push Against Death Penalty Planned

Two NBC Affiliates Pull Controversial 'Book of Daniel' from Line-Up

15th Victim Recovered from Wrecked German Rink

Passion 06 Challenges College Students to Live Out their Faith

Christian Peacemakers Plan White House Prayer Vigil

Colorado Christian University Gains Backing for Religious Discrimination Case

Conservative Women Unite to Support Alito

Barbie Website Rewords Its 'Gender Confusing' Poll

Euthanasia's Growing Acceptance

Christians Setting Sights on Hollywood

Woman Sues Scottish Abortionists for Support of Surviving Twin

Crystal Meth User not Guilty of Manslaughter of Unborn Son

Operation Rescue press release concerning Alito hearings

Major Global Church Initiative Focuses on 'Forgotten' Rwanda

'Extinct' Parish Challenges U.S. Episcopal Church, Refuses Handover

Pilgrimage inspires night of prayers

Leading Stem Cell Researcher Apologizes for Ethical Lapses

Christmas in Bethlehem Marked by Record Crowds, Calls for Peace

Christians in Pakistan protested and demanded protection publicly on Sunday

Priest shortage spurs special rite

Pope Warns Against 'Spiritual Barrenness' in Absence of Christ

Indonesia Remains Vigilant During Christmas, Holiday Season

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

26 Catholic Pastoral Agents Slain in 2005

Pope's Homily at Midnight Mass

New Dover School Board Rescinds Intelligent Design Policy

Human Rights Takes U.N. Center Stage for 2006

Partial-Birth Abortion Returns to the U.S. Supreme Court

Partial-Birth Abortion Returns to the U.S. Supreme Court

Legislators Join Pharmacists in 'Morning-After' Pill Battle

Lawmaker Plans Ultrasound Option in Miss. to Avert Abortions

Christian Legal Group Asks Judge to Drop Conn. Gay Marriage Case

Pope Warns of 3 Key Threats to Peace

To clone or not clone. Are enbryos human beings?

Sex-abuse victims deliver letter to Vatican requesting apology from pope

Cardinal Sees Abuses in Loans to Poor Nations

Texas Fires Claim Church but Parishioners Press Forward

Pontiff Recalls That Christ Is Man's Only Savior

Catholic schools making progress after Katrina

Jubilance Turns to Shock after Coal Miner Families Receive Wrong Report

Boston Confirms Christmas Tree Not 'Holiday Tree'

Donors Urged to Prepare for 2006 after 'Year of Disaster'

Priest resigns over

Ala. Baptists Commit to Racial Reconciliation on 50th Anniversary of Bus Boycott

Friends, Family, Co-Workers Gather to Pray for Trapped Coal Miners

Youth Explosion Engages Hip-Hop Generation in Church

Church Auctions Building on eBay to Raise Hurricane Relief Funds

America Builds Homes on D.C.'s National Mall

Vote on Maine Anti-Discrimination Law for Homosexuals Stirs Debate

Lutheran Heads Hold First Meeting with Pope

Food for the Poor Makes Int'l Relief Efforts for Storm-Weary Victims

Court Rules in Favor of Breakaway Episcopal Churches

Presbyterian Head: United Approach to Gay Division Roots Back to Council of Jeru

Faithful Flock to See Weeping Statue of Virgin Mary

Supreme Court Hears Case on Assisted Suicide

Christian Conservatives Want Unambiguous Supreme Court Pick

Miers Withdraws Nomination; Christians Commend Decision

Case Begins To Determine If Intelligent Design in Schools Is Constitutional

Successful Elections a 'Major Step' for Democracy in Afghanistan

John Michael Talbot 'Monk Rock' Tour to Fund Hurricane Relief Efforts

Technology Use Growing Rapidly in Churches

Presbyterian panel recommends keeping ban on partnered gay clergy

Rita Swells to Third Largest Hurricane in History; Over 1 Million Evacuated

Pro-Family Groups 'Horrified' at Gay Marriage Bill Approval in Calif.

Churches Flex Muscles for Hurricanes

Pope Benedict XVI considers ban on gay priests

Christians Concerned that Iraqi Constitution Lacks Religious Tolerance

1,200 Students Stake 70 Crosses as Symbols of Passion and Prayer

Minn. appeals court upholds Lutheran dismissal of gay teacher

Charities, Gov't Agencies Provide Hope, Aid to Hurricane Victims

California Court Grants Equal Parent Status to Homosexuals

New Report on Fetal Pain Stirs Up Debate

Seeking Blessings for Same-Sex Unions

Catholic Church in Spain Ordains First Married Priest

Digital Praise Enters Mainstream Market

Vatican says archdiocese cannot claim assets of closed churches

Plan "B"

Leadership Summit to Close Wide Gap Between Churches

Bishop appoints first female chancellor of W.Va. diocese

Religious Persecution Bars Faith-Based Aid

Five Myths about On-line Education

Hearing on bill to force churches to report finances

Church booted because of support for gay marriage

Several More Briefs Filed in Support of Parental Notification Law

Appeals Court Upholds Va. Pledge Law

Lutheran Church Stresses Need for Diversity

Emotions Run High as Lutherans Discuss Role of Homosexuals

BarnaFilms to Prescreen Disney's Narnia

Da Vinci Code Film Seeks Church Blessing

Germany prepares for the Pope

Overcoming 'Culture Shock' through Campus Ministry

Knights of Columbus Resolves to Promote Culture of Life

Pop culture heroes help recruit priests

Hallmark film portrays young John Paul II

Battle Waged Over Parental Notification Law Language

Creation Scientist Challenges Intelligent Design

Family Values Group Opposes 'Plan B' Pill

Indians Warned Not to Carry Scriptures into Saudi Arabia

NATO Plane to Guard Papal Visit in Germany

Kansas Schools Approve of Evolution Criticism

Cell-Phones Help Promote Prayer Campaign

Banned by the BBC, 'Popetoon' makes DVD debut

Dateline Says Porn is 'Legal,' Christians Beg to Differ

House to file complaint vs ‘exorcist’

Attacks on church 'must end'

Cross-Country Walks for Life Conclude in Washington, D.C.

Pope says Christians must acknowledge dependence on God

Former priest says he was shuttled around after abuse allegations

Women defiantly seek priesthood

New miniseries on Pope John Paul II dubbed

Canada Becomes Fourth Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Church defrocks 7 local priests

Broader Response Urged to Combat Prostitution

Southern Baptists End Disney Boycott, Pass Education Resolution

Online Tithing Winning Converts

"Our Fathers" What has the film industry come to?

“Change the world? There’s no way I could do that!”

Admirers Push For John Paul's Speedy Sainthood

Judge Rules Nebraska’s Marriage Amendment Unconstitutional

Detained Vietnamese Christian Released After Nearly 11 Years

Detained Christians Released in Malaysia

Conservative Lutheran Denomination Studies Role of Women in Church

VeggieTales Rockin' Tour LIVE! Hits The Road This Summer

New Nations Added to List of Religious Freedom Violators

Rainbow Sashes Not Welcome This Pentecost

Today is the National Day of Prayer

Colorado Same-sex Marriage Ban Fails in House Committee

Holy See Laments Growth in Trafficking in Human Beings

Answers Still Sought in Murder of Guatemala Bishop

Cardinal Ratzinger, After the 9/11 Attacks

Cardinal Ratzinger's Recent Homily on

Benedict XVI's Address at 1st General Audience

Holy See Laments Growth in Trafficking in Human Beings

Spain Split as Same-Sex Marriage Nears

A German Pilgrim Center; an Interview With Joseph Ratzinger

In His Last Days, John Paul II Helped the Pro-life Cause

China Arrests 7 Priests at Spiritual Retreat

Holy See's Address on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Cardinals Select Ratzinger As New Pope

New Pope!

Cardinal Ratzinger's Homily at John Paul II's Funeral Mass

France Passes “End of Life” Law that Stops Short of Euthanasia

Death of anti-Nazi pastor seen as a sign of hope for justice

"Rogito": the Document Placed in Pope's Coffin

Online 'Pope idol' launched

Conservative and Liberal Lutherans Criticize Proposed Gay Clergy Bill


Faithful Gather in St. Peter's Square for Pope News


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A Companion Guide To The Illumined Heart


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Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah Prophecies and Promises


End Times

Antichrist and the End Times



Colorful Creation



A Special Kind of Love



90 Minutes In Heaven



Inside Heaven and Hell



All God's Creatures



Blessings and Prayers for Married Couples: A Faith Full Love



A River Calling


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101 Most Important Things You Need to Know Before You Graduate

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Catholic Deluxe (Ivory)

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Douey - Rheims Bible White Leather

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A Blessing For Your Baby Dream Verse Card


Healing Meditations from the Gospel of St. John: The Psychologic


Abortion/Pro Life

Behind Bella



A Catalogue of Angels


Church History

Ages of Initiation


Current Issues

A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed By author: Timothy Mullner



A Distant Music (Book 1)


Holy Orders

Handbook of Sacraments for Today's Catechist



33 Days to Morning Glory


Religious Education

A Concise Guide to Your Rights in the Catholic Church

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Christmas Favorites - CD the Daughters of St. Paul

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Cartas de Santa Sor Faustina


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"St. Jude Novena" Prayer Card


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St. Lazarus


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St. Lucy Figurine


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St. Peregrine


St. Theresa

Bliss Sterling Silver St. Theresa Heart Medal


St. Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc Maid of Orleans DVD


St. Samuel

Bliss Sterling Silver St. Samuel Medal


St. Anne

7" St. Anne Figure Joseph's Studio


St. Cecilia

GLORY STORIES vol 5 Saint Cecilia & Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha


St. Teresa of Avila

A Little Daily Wisdom:Through the Year with Saint Teresa of Avil


St. Stephanie

St. Stephanie Medal


St. Florian

Bliss Sterling Silver St. Florian Medal


St. Francis Cabrini

Mother Cabrini Missionary to the World


St. Catherine Laboure

Catherine Laboure


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Mother Seton And The Sisters of Charity


St. Bernadette

Saint Bernadette Soubirous


St. Clare of Assisi

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents


St. Kateri Tekakwitha

GLORY STORIES vol 5 Saint Cecilia & Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha


St. John Bosco

Saint John Bosco & Saint Dominic Savio


St. Dominic

Saint Dominic and the Rosary


Saint John Paul II

Blessed John Paul II Coin (Token) with Quote.

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software


Let It Be Mary's Story

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Talbot, John Michael

Chant from the Hermitage

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Haas, David

Blest Are They - The Best of David Haas Vol. 1

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Mannheim Steamroller

25th Year Celebration of Mannheim Seamroller - CD

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software


Blessings CD

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software


Christ We Proclaim Vol. I

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Berkey, Jackson

Arma Lucis The Armour of Light - CD

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Doan, Lorraine

Blessings CD

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Kochis, Robert

Dreamland Bedtime Songs and Lullabies - CD by Robert Kochis

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Salve Regina CD

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Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy An Invitation 2 CD Set

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Haugen, Marty


Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

O'Brien, Michael

Michael O'Brien Home For Christmas

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Hartsook, Lorraine

Embrace The Cross CD

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software


Helena I Surrender All - Cassette

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

The Monks of Weston Priory

Calm Is The Night by The Monks of Weston Priory


Healing & Coping

Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times



Ages of Initiation



Ages of Initiation


First Communion

Ages of Initiation



101 Most Important Things You Need to Know Before You Get Marrie



Ages of Initiation

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New Oxford Bibles

The New Oxford Annotated Bible

Bible Center

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Faith-Filled Catholic Women's Bible



101 Secrets a Cool Mom Knows


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Heritage Lace Birth of a Child Pearl

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May We Praise You Music From the St. Louis Jesuits - Vol. 2


Sheen, Fulton J. Bishop

Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book

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All the Children Ought To Know Who Jesus Is DVD



Death and the Afterlife


Christian Living

An Invitation to Faith: An A to Z Primer on the Thought of Pope


Lent & Easter

Bring Lent to Life: Activities and Reflections for Your Family


Cleveland, Richard

Celebrating Life Together



90 Minutes In Heaven


Nouwen, Henri J.M. Father

Behold the Beauty of the Lord


John Paul II, Pope

Man and Woman He Created Them


Benedict, Pope XVI

Charity in Truth


Christian Living

12 Painless Ways to Evangelize


Christian Living

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic


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A Meditated Rosary on Bethany



A Special Place for Santa Storybook



Andre Bessette: A Heart of Strength


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When Your Grandparent Dies A Child's Guide to Good Grief



Baby Jesus Visits the Temple



David y Goliat


Mother Mary

Mother Mary...God's Gift To You


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"Flying Dreams" by Darlene Schwab Sabella


New Baby

Angel in the Waters



A Surprise in Disguise



Don't Drink the Holy Water!: Big Al and Annie Go to Mass



God Made Our Bodies



My Novena to St. Joseph


The Rosary

My Complete Rosary Prayer Book


Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati


St. Teresa of Calcutta

As I Have Loved You: A Conversation With Mother Teresa


St. Juan Diego

Saint Juan Diego


St. Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas And The Preaching Beggars


St. Gerard

St. Gerard Majella


St. Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent De Paul Saint of Charity


St. Pius X

Saint Pius X The Farm Boy Who Became Pope


St. Maximillian Kolbe

Saint Maximilian Kolbe Mary's Knight


St. Isaac Jogues

Saint Isaac and the Indians


St. Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius of Loyola


St. Augustine

On Genesis


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Saint Edith Stein


St. Francis Xavier

Saint Francis of the Seven Seas


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Fr. Marquette and the Great Rivers

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"Give A Little Jesus" Prayer Card

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A Firefighter's Prayer

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2 1/2" X 3 1/2" Prayer Cards
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Take Time Prayer Card

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2 1/2" X 3 1/2" Prayer Cards

"Best Prayer" Prayer Card


Pasquini, John Father



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Family Blessings

Holy Bears - Daughters Are Special


Holy Bears, The Original
Saints & Sacraments

Holy Bears - Confirmation Bear


Holy Bears, The Original
Spirit of America

Holy Bears - Air Force


Holy Bears, The Original
Sports Bears

Holy Bears - BINGO Bear


Holy Bears, The Original
Celebrating Christianity

Holy Bears - Acts


Holy Bears, The Original
Photo Bears

Holy Bears. The Original - 14 Inch Blue Photo Bear


Holy Bears, The Original
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Holy Bears - God Bless Our Home


Advent & Christmas

A Medieval Christmas by Frances Lincoln


Beanie Babies by Ty

Ty Beanie Baby - Blackie the Bear

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2 1/2" X 3 1/2" Prayer Cards
Heart Lifter Cards

24/7 Heart Lifter Card by Day Dream Cards


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Humor for a Mom's Heart


Hugs Series

Big Hugs for Friends



Humor for a Boomer's Heart


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Abandonment to Divine Providence - Fr Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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Godmother...Ceramic Magnet Greetings by Sangray


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Blessed Imelda Pray Card

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Faith that Sticks God Made Sheep Stickers

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Faith that Sticks God's Garden Stickers

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Faith that Sticks God Made Boys #1 Stickers

Teacher Aides


Faith that Sticks Classic Jesus Pictures Stickers

Teacher Aides


Faith that Sticks John 15:12

Teacher Aides


Faith that Sticks Assorted Foil Stars Stickers

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Faith that Sticks American Flag Stickers

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Faith that Sticks Holiday Ornaments Stickers

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Faith that Sticks Cross, Lamb and Tomb Stickers

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Fatih that Sticks Angel Miniature Stickers

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Faith that Sticks God Made Fruit Stickers

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Happy Face/Feet

Faith that Sticks Happy Feet Stickers

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I Love You....

Faith that Sticks Embosses God Loves Stickers

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Faith that Sticks Christian Symbol Smiles Stickers

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Holy Spirit

Faith that Sticks The Fruit of the Spirit Stickers

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Faith that Sticks Give Thanks to the Lord Stickers

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Faith that Sticks Happy Birthday! Stickers

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A Brand New Day...Reminisce Verse Card


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Acceptance Therapy Elf-help Book


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Dear God Kids Figurines

Dear God Kids Accompany Me

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Dream Mark Bookmarks

A Mother Is.....Dream Mark Bookmark


Meghan Rose Books

Meghan Rose All Dressed Up



Angels Earn Their Wings


Lord, Bob & Penny

Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah Prophecies and Promises



It's Harvest Time



Let's Shine Jesus Light on Halloween



A Meal for Many


New Testament

Jailhouse Rock


Old Testament

10 Steps to Z-z-zing!



Jesus and the Family Trip


Religious Education

Little Book of Scriptures



Clare of Assisi: Early Documents






A Poem a Day



A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Book


Groeschel, Benedict J. Father

Experiencing the Mystery of Christ:Meditations from Oratory


Warren, Rick

The Purpose of Christmas


Ingraham, Laura

Power to the People


God I Need to Talk .......

God, I Need to Talk to You about Bad Manners


Religious Education
Theology of the Body

Created & Redeemed Study Guide


Strobel, Lee

The Case for Christ : A Journalist's Personal Investigation


Lucado, Max

Book of 1 Corinthians: A Spiritual Health Check-up


Christian Living
Spiritual Growth

Am I Making Myself Clear?: Secrets of the World's Greatest Commu



Going To Confession

Bible Center

New Testament Bibles

The Catholic Comparative New Testament


Gift Books

Lion Companion to Christian Art


Chaput, Charles Bishop

Living the Catholic Faith: Rediscovering the Basics

Bible Center

Bible Covers
Bible Covers Canvas

Canvas Bible Cover - SM Burgandy

Bible Center

Bible Covers
Bible Covers Canvas

Canvas Bible Cover Purple Medium

Bible Center

Bible Covers
Bible Covers Canvas

Canvas Bible Cover Lime Green LG

Bible Center

Bible Covers
Bible Covers Canvas

Canvas Bible Cover - XL Berry/Tan


Books of Multiple Saints

39 New Saints You Should Know


Armed Forces Prayer Books

Armed Forces Prayer Book Catholic


Catholic Prayers

Aquinas Press The Scapular Prayer Book


Episcopalian Prayers

1979 Book of Common Prayer Economy Edition


Prayers to Mary

Marian Devotions Prayer Book


Healing Prayers

Healing Prayer Book


Devotional Prayers

Aquinas Press Treasury of Litanies


Prayers to Our Father

All Day With God Prayer Book

Bible/Book Reading Aids

Prayer Bookmarks

I Said A Prayer For You Dream Marks Bookmark

Bible/Book Reading Aids

Scripture Bookmarks

1 Cor 13:4-8 Dream Mark Bookmark



Catholic Etiquette for Children at Mass


Being Catholic

150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know



Building Catholic Family Traditions


Hardon, John A. Father S.J.

Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan



God of All Comfort



A Pleasant Place


Saintly Wisdom

Interior Castle


The Journey

Preparing Yourself for God's Promises


Bible Stories

A Jailer Is Set Free - Happy Day Book



Catholic Book of Prayers for Children


Board Books

Rattle Board Books - Let's Go To Mass


Questions About God

Can God See Me In The Dark?


Caleb Pascal

A Freaky Kind of Courage - Caleb Pascal & the Peculiar People


What God Made

God Made Outer Space

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Crawford, Michael

On Eagle's Wings by Michael Crawford


Baby & Children
Animal Necklaces w/ Matching Box

Alligator Necklace and Box


Bob Siemon Designs Collection
God Is Love Rings

God Is Love S/S Ring SIZE 10


Bob Siemon Designs Collection
Forgiven Rings

Sterling Silver Ring - Forgiven size 10


Bob Siemon Designs Collection
Truth Rings

Sterling Silver Ring - Truth size 10


Religious Life

A Monastery Journey to Christmas By Brother Victor-Antoi

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Pass It on Message Cards

For You This Christmas Pass It on Message Card

Gift Extras

Message/Prayer Cards
Pass It on Message Cards

Pass It On Message Card - Easter 1

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Message/Prayer Cards
Pass It on Message Cards
Love / Valentines

Pass It On Message Card - Valentines

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Good Friends Stick Close....Pass It On Message Card

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Acrylic Frames

Pass It On Message Card Custom Magnet

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Pass It on Message Cards

God Cares (Beagles) - Pass It On Message Card

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Pass It on Message Cards

Help Me To Remember Lord,.... Pass It On Message Card



Faith Finances


Pavone, Frank Father

Ending Abortion


Pennington, M. Basil O.C.S.O.

Journey In A Holy Land


The Creed

The Creed in Slow Motion


Family Moments

Building Catholic Family Traditions


Whose Side T-Shirt

Whose Side T-Shirt Heather 2X


St. Gianna Beretta Molla

St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Day Hero of Divine Love


Kempis, Thomas A.

The Imitation of Christ



Book of Blessings



Joseph, Mary, Jesus


Tee Shirts - Adults
Christ in Christmas T-Shirt

Christ in Christmas HAPPY HOLYDAYS T-Shirt Blue 2X

Knights of Columbus Gifts

3rd. Degree Rhinestone Lapel Pin


Henry, Patrick

The Further Adventures of John Cross


Talbot, John Michael

Blessings of St. Benedict


Family Life

Beloved and Blessed


Hahn, Kimberly

Beloved and Blessed





Evert, Jason

If You Really Loved Me


The Beatitudes

Beatitudes Eight Steps to Happiness


Caring Mentors

Caring Mentors Booklets - Anne Frank


Powell , Philip Neri Father OP

Treasures Holy and Mystical: A Devotional Journey



An African American Cookbook: Living the Experience

About Face Messengers

25th Anniversary


Eucharistic Adoration

In the Presence: The Spirituality of Eucharistic


Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup for the Soul Christian Kids: Stories to Inspire


Fun Facts

110 Fun Facts About God's Creation: Is it Animal, Vegetable, or



How to Forgive Yourself and Others Newly Revised and Expanded


North, Oliver

Mission Compromised


Colson, Charles

The Good Life: Seeking Purpose, Meaning, and Truth in Your Life


Bob Siemon Designs Collection
Toe Rings

Angel Toe Ring


Pacific Silver Bracelets

Bijou Bracelet - Love and Faith


Newman, John Henry Cardinal

John Henry Cardinal Newman: In My Own Words


Young, Wm. Paul

La Cabana


Austin, Lynn

All She Ever Wanted


Arana, Nikki

As I Have Loved You


Parshall Family

Traveling a Pilgrim's Path


Robison, James

The Soul of a Nation


Parr, Delia

A Hearth in Candlewood


Phillips, Michael

The Soldier's Lady


Morris, Lynn & Gilbet

Where Two Seas Met


Parker, Gary E.

Fateful Journeys


Raney, Deborah

Yesterday's Embers


Walker, Jim

Murder at Gettysburg


Thiel, Aaron S.

The Foreigner


Wick, Lori

City Girl


Whitson, Stephanie Grace

A Hilltop in Tuscany


Tatlock, Ann

Every Secret Thing


Arminjon, Charles Father

End of the Present World, The


Snelling, Lauraine

A Promise for Ellie


O'Rourke, Benignus OSA

Finding Your Hidden Treasure: The Way of Silent Prayer


Heidish, Marcy

Defiant Daughters: Christian Women of Conscience


Christenson, Evelyn

Lord, Change Me


Sherry, Zada

Peace in the Midst of the Storm Zada Sherry


Burke, Brad

Does God Still Do Miracles? (An M.D. Examines)


Hussey, Lisa

Psalms for the Single Mom


St. Clair, Barry

Making Jesus Lord


Baker, Amy C.

Slow Dancing at Death's Door


Yorkey, Mike

The Christian Mom's Answer Book


Aldrich, Sandra P.

The Christian Mom's Answer Book


Charm Bracelets

Believe in Angels Charm Bracelet

Media - CDs/DVDs/Software

Ainsworth, Jake

Stories CD by Jake Ainsworth


Kempf, Joe Father

Don't Drink the Holy Water!: Big Al and Annie Go to Mass


Canfield, Jack

Chicken Soup for the Soul Christian Kids: Stories to Inspire


Hansen, Mark Victor

Chicken Soup for the Soul Christian Kids: Stories to Inspire


Thieman, LeAnn

Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles: 101 True Stories


Hermes , Kathryn J. FSP

Holding on to Hope


Setticase, Christine FSP

Jesus, Help In Every Need


Daughters of St. Paul

Advent Grace


Trouve, Marianne Lorraine FSP

Angels Help from on High


Sirois, Celia

Word of Life Daily Scripture Companion


Savage, Warren J.

Faithful Meditations for Every Day in Ordinary Time